Air Power History

Air Power History chronicles the great campaigns, the leaders, the successes and the failures of air forces in the past. Eyewitness accounts and historical articles will capture your interest, issue after issue. Regular features will keep you up-to-date on new books, museum exhibits and meetings.

Winter 2018 – Volume 65, Number 4


The Non-Rescue of Jackel 33 During Linebacker II – Darrel Whitcomb

The Air War against North Vietnam: The Thanh Hoa Railroad and Highway Bridge (Part 2) – Theo van Geffen

Air National Guard Participation in the U.S. Air Force Strategic Airlift Mission to the War in Southeast Asia 1965-1971 – David P. Anderson

Firebombing Air Raids on Cities at Night – Daniel L. Haulman

Cobras, Hawks, & WASPs: A History of Napier Field, Alabama 1941-1945 – Jayson A. Altieri

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