April 24, 1943

1943:   The first class of women pilots graduates from US Army Air Force flight training (shown on their initial reporting date).

April 23, 1991

1991:   SECAF Donald B. Rice announces the winner of the Advanced Tactical Fighter competition. He selects the Lockheed/Boeing/General Dynamics F-22 with the Pratt and Whitney […]

April 20, 1916

1916:   The Lafayette Escadrille, a group of American pilots fighting with the French, is established.

April 19, 1967

1967:   MEDAL OF HONOR. Maj Leo K. Thorsness receives his medal by protecting a mission to rescue downed airmen in North Vietnam. Flying an F-105, […]

April 18,1942

1942:   From the carrier USS Hornet, located 668 miles off Tokyo, Lt Col James H. Doolittle leads 16 B-25s in the first raid on Japan. […]

April 17, 1956

1956:   Lockheed unveils its F-104A Starfighter, 55-2956, at Palmdale. General Otto P. Weyland observes, “This is much more than just another fighter, it is a […]

April 16, 1949

1949:   BERLIN AIRLIFT’S BIGGEST DAY. Military aircraft deliver a record 12,940 tons of supplies to Berlin in 1,398 flights within 24 hours.

April 13, 1999

1999:   Operation ALLIED FORCE. USA Gen Wesley Clark, SACEUR, asks for 300 more U.S. aircraft, bringing the total to 800.

April 12, 1981

1981:   SPACE SHUTTLE’S MAIDEN VOYAGE. The Space Shuttle Columbia launches on the first flight of a reusable spacecraft.

April 11, 1944 and April 11, 1966

1944:   MEDAL OF HONOR. Lt Edward Michael receives medal for saving himself, crew member, and B-17 with successful crash landing. 1966: MEDAL OF HONOR. Pararescueman […]