December 13, 2001

  2001:   President George W. Bush informs Russia that US would withdraw from the 1972 ABM Treaty to develop and implement a missile defense system.

December 12, 1944

1944:   MEDAL OF HONOR: Maj Richard I. Bong, with 38 aerial victories, receives the medal from General MacArthur in ceremonies in the Philippines. Citation:  

December 11, 1941

    1941:   Germany and Italy declare war on the United States; Congress respond in kind with a similar declaration against them.

December 10, 1954

1954:   On a rocket-propelled sled run, Lt Col John P. Stapp attains 632 MPH (equal to Mach 1.7 at 35,000 feet) and decelerates to zero […]

December 7, 1941

1941:   The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, bringing the US into World War II. 18th Pursuit Wing P-40 pilots shoot down 10 enemy planes, 4 by […]

December 6, 1995

1995:   Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR. USAF airlifters start moving troops and equipment to Bosnia to support this NATO operation.

December 4, 1996

1996:   At Hill AFB an F-16 Fighting Falcon logs the five millionth hour of flying time for the F-16 fleet. Captain Kurt Gallegos of the […]

December 3, 1999

1999:   The 412th Test Wing at Edwards AFB, CA decides to end a mission that used three EC-18B Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft (ARIA).

November 30, 1908

  1908:   At Hammondsport, the Curtiss Motor Vehicle Company becomes the first airplane company formed in the US.