Student Awards

These awards are sponsored by the Air Force Historical Foundation, and are open to cadets in commissioning programs and to officers undergoing professional military education. Award winners are selected by a competitive process within each institution.

  • Two Air Forces Award (2017)  —  Reverend Dr (Sqn Ldr) David Richardson, RAF

“The Royal Air Force and the Irish War of Independence 1918-1922″

Selection by the Royal Air Force Historical Society

  • The Air War College Award (2017)  —  Lt Col Leland K Cowie II, USAF

“The Ghosts OF Kasserine Pass: Maximizing  the Effectiveness of Air Power” 

  • Air Command and Staff College Award (2017)  —  Maj Brandon Losacker, USAF

“Combat Search and Rescue: Restoring Promise to a Sacred Assurance”

  • School of Advanced Air and Space Studies Award (2016)  —  Sq Leader Joseph S. Doyle, RAF

“The Yom Kippur War And the Shaping of the United States Air Force”

  • Air Force Academy Award (2017)  —  Cadet First Class Stewart Lange, USAF

“Why they Fought: American Pilots, the Eagle Squadrons, and the Battle of Britain”

  • General Bryce Poe II Award (2018)  — 2nd Lieutenant Luke M. Brantley

“Looking Past the Spark to Find the fuel of the Arab Spring Fire”

  • Air Force ROTC Award (2017)  —  Cadet James C. Cassell, USAF