October 19, 2005

2005:   After five decades of service, USAF and Lockheed Martin launch the last Titan IV B rocket from Vandenberg, its 200th launch.

October 18, 1962

1962:   The military leadership discusses actions in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Air Force Reserve mobilizes eight troop carrier wings and six aerial port […]

October 17, 1918

1918:   Brig Gen William “Billy” Mitchell briefs General John J. Pershing, Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces, on a plan to airdrop elements of 1st […]

October 16, 1943

  1943:   Lockheed receives a contract to produce the XP-80 Shooting Star, the first true American jet-propelled fighter.

October 15, 1970

1970:   TROPIC MOON. From Ubon Royal Thai AFB, the 13th Bomb Squadron flies its first night interdiction combat mission in Vietnam with the B-57G. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu7bIYOJOlY

October 12, 1944

1944:   Lt Chuck Yeager earns “ace-in-a-day” recognition as he is credited with five aerial victories in a single engagement.

October 11, 1910

1910:   Former President Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first President to fly in an aircraft, as a passenger with Archibald Hoxsey in a Wright biplane at […]

October 9, 1918

1918:   More than 250 bombers and 100 pursuit planes drop 32 tons of bombs in the cantonment district between La Wavrille and Damvillers.

Two Major Events

Members and friends, the Foundation is sponsoring two major events in November. The first is our annual Awards Banquet, honoring the First Fighter Wing with […]