February 15, 1944

1944:    Twelfth Air Force sends 254 B-17 and B-25 bombers to attack and destroy the Abbey of Monte Cassino, Italy, preparing the way for a […]

February 13, 1913

1913:    Smithsonian Institute regents appoint an advisory committee to inaugurate the Aerodynamic Laboratory project at Langley Field, VA.

February 12, 1973

  1973:    Operation HOMECOMING/MACKAY TROPHY. After N. Vietnam releases its POWs, MAC airlift returns them to Clark. When the POWs reach America, the 375th Aeromedical […]

February 11, 1977

1977:    Jimmy Carter becomes the first President to fly in the E-4A National Emergency Airborne Command Post in a flight from Andrews AFB, MD to […]

February 8, 1918

1918:    The Army changes its aircraft insignia to concentric circles of red and blue around white. See http://wwiisquadronpatches.com/NationalInsigniaHistoryUSAircraft.html for a capsule history of roundels.

February 6, 1967

1967:    A2C Duane Hackney, the most decorated enlisted airman in the Vietnam war, receives the Air Force Cross for rescuing a downed pilot near Mu […]

February 4, 1948

1948:    Otto Praeger, the founder of US airmail service, dies. From left to right, Airmail Pilot Robert Shank; Dr. Julius Juhlin, postmaster general of Sweden; […]

February 5, 1951

1951:    KOREAN WAR/Operation ROUNDUP. To disrupt a new enemy offensive, the U.S. X Corps advances with strong air support near Hoengsong, northeast of Wonju in […]