October 18, 1962

1962:   The military leadership discusses actions in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Air Force Reserve mobilizes eight troop carrier wings and six aerial port […]

October 17, 1918

1918:   Brig Gen William “Billy” Mitchell briefs General John J. Pershing, Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces, on a plan to airdrop elements of 1st […]

October 16, 1943

  1943:   Lockheed receives a contract to produce the XP-80 Shooting Star, the first true American jet-propelled fighter.

October 15, 1970

1970:   TROPIC MOON. From Ubon Royal Thai AFB, the 13th Bomb Squadron flies its first night interdiction combat mission in Vietnam with the B-57G. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu7bIYOJOlY

October 12, 1944

1944:   Lt Chuck Yeager earns “ace-in-a-day” recognition as he is credited with five aerial victories in a single engagement.

October 11, 1910

1910:   Former President Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first President to fly in an aircraft, as a passenger with Archibald Hoxsey in a Wright biplane at […]

October 9, 1918

1918:   More than 250 bombers and 100 pursuit planes drop 32 tons of bombs in the cantonment district between La Wavrille and Damvillers.

October 8, 1940

1940:   The Royal Air Force forms 71 (Eagle) Squadron, the first of three Fighter Command squadrons composed principally of volunteer US pilots flying with the […]

October 5, 1918

1918:   1st sustained aerial resupply attempt: 50th Aero Squadron begins effort to drop supplies and help locate the “Lost Battalion,” elements of the 77th Division […]