2016 Holley Award Ceremony

holley awardThe Air Force Historical Foundation, along with US Air Force Chief of Staff David L. Goldfein, presented its Major General I. B. Holley Award in ceremonies at the Ft. Myer Officers Club, Arlington, VA, Thursday, January 5.

The Major General I. B. Holley Award, honoring an individual for his or her sustained, significant contribution to the documentation of Air Force history during a lifetime of service, was presented to Dr. Mark Clodfelter, professor National Security Strategy National War College.

Dr. Clodfelter joined the National War College in July 1997. He is a former Air Force officer who was a ground radar officer by specialization. After serving radar tours at Myrtle Beach and South Korea, he spent the remainder of his career in military academia. That service has included two teaching tours in the Air Force Academy’s History Department, one at the Air Force’s School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS) at Maxwell AFB, and one as Air Force ROTC Professor of Aerospace Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He holds a BS from the US Air Force Academy, an MA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is the author of The Limits of Air Power: The American Bombing of North Vietnam (Free Press, 1989), Beneficial Bombing: The Progressive Foundations of American Air Power, 1917-1945 (University of Nebraska Press, 2010) and numerous articles and book chapters dealing with the American military experience. His area of expertise is American military history, with a special emphasis on air power and the Vietnam War.

Previous recipients of the Holley Award include: Maj. Gen. (Distinguished Professor Emeritus) I. B. Holley, Jr. (2007); Brig. Gen. Alfred F. Hurley (2008); Mr. Herman S. Wolk (2009); Dr. Alan Gropman (2010); Mr. Joseph Caver (2011); Mr. Jacob Neufeld (2013); Col. Walter J. Boyne (2014); and Dr. Richard P. Hallion (2015).

At the same ceremony, the Foundation presented General Goldfein with an art piece from the National Museum of World War II Aviation entitled “White 33,” a photograph of the last currently flying P-38, which will be hung in the Chief of Staff offices.

And last but not least, the Foundation presented its “Best Book Reviewed” Award to Col (Dr) Edward Kaplan for his work To Kill Nations: American Strategy in the Air-Atomic Age and the Rise of Mutually Assured Destruction.