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Founded in 1953 by Gen. Carl A. “Tooey” Spaatz and other air power pioneers, the Air Force Historical Foundation is dedicated to preserving the history and traditions of American aviation, with emphasis on the U.S. Air Force, its predecessor organizations, and the men and women whose lives and dreams were devoted to flight.


Educate our country concerning the indispensable contribution of Air Power to our nation’s defense


  • Disseminating an accurate account of the United States Air Force history in its journal, Air Power History
  • Publishing books on USAF issues, including the critical decisions made regarding strategy and technology
  • Conducting symposia on major conflicts and epic periods
  • Honoring renowned historical aerospace figures
  • Recognizing, via its awards program, the best historical writing emanating from USAF commissioning and professional military education schools


Become the recognized guardian of the history and legacy of the United States Air Force through accurate, qualitative historical engagement

know the past…..Shape the Future