Letter from the President – Spring 2019

Dear Members, 

As we press on through 2019, I am pleased to note that your Foundation has sustained its velocity.  A key goal remains to strengthen our future resources, to ensure an ongoing ability to preserve, protect, and share an accurate and honest account of our Air Force’s history. To that end we are pleased to note our Awards Banquet, last November, was the most financially successful in a good many years.  The Foundation’s participation in the multi-service symposium “In Country: The War in Vietnam – 1968” had great exposure value for us, at very low cost.

We are now actively working an avenue that promises to result in quality updates to our well-known, profitable hardbound books, The Air Force and U.S. Air Force: A Complete History. Our social media outreach continues to expand and we’re beginning to realize a small financial return on our staff’s great efforts in producing the daily “This Day in Air Force History” email.  We expect good results from re-joining this fall’s Combined Federal Campaign.   We continue to consider other development opportunities with optimism, and I welcome your ideas and critiques.

We inherited a powerful vision from generations of Air Force Historical Foundation leaders—Spaatz, Vandenberg, Foulois, LeMay, and the dedicated Airmen they led and served. As it has been throughout our history, the Air Force and nation face ever-changing, complex warfighting challenges; including pointed calls in Washington for reorganization to meet them.  Thus it’s important that the Foundation continue to help today’s leaders draw wisdom and energy from the lessons of the past, informing their decisions to shape the best possible future.

Your active support—in ideas, time, donations, or just forwarding “This Day in Air Force History” to others who might find the Foundation’s work interesting and worthy of support—really matters.  Our work is only as valuable as it is known and you are part of that.  Thanks for your membership and devotion to Air Force history!


Christopher D. Miller, USAF (Ret)

President and Chairman of the Board