Air Power History

Air Power History chronicles the great campaigns, the leaders, the successes and the failures of air forces in the past. Eyewitness accounts and historical articles will capture your interest, issue after issue. Regular features will keep you up-to-date on new books, museum exhibits and meetings.

Spring 2019 – Volume 66, Number 1 


Moon Over The Trail: A Review of Operations Shed Light and
Tropic Moon III
William P. Head & James F. Tindle

Fighter Escorts for Bombers: Defensive or Offensive Weapons
Daniel L. Haulman

Germany’s Air War on the Eastern Front: A Flying Reminder — Dan Zamansky

Definitely Damaged or Destroyed” Reexamining Civil Air Patrol’s Wartime Claims
Frank A. Blazich, Jr.

A Tale of Two Bomb Groups: The Luftwaffe’s II.Gruppe, KG 4 and
the USAAF’s 452nd Bomb Group (Heavy)
Richard R. Muller

The Propellor Under the Bed: A Personal History of Homebuilt Aircraft
By Eileen A. Bjorkman, Review by Scott A. Willey

Combat Over the Trenches: Oswald Watt, Aviation Pioneer
By Chris Clark, Review by Douglas R. Norton

Curtis Papers: Canadian Aerospace and Joint Studies, Vol II
By Various, Review by Golda Eldridge

History of Rocketry and Astronautics (AAS History Series, Vol. 48)
By Pablo de Leon, ed.,  Review by Frank Van Haaste

Tiger Check By Steven A. Fino, Review by Mike Nelson

1001 Aviation Facts: Amazing and Little-known Information About All Aspects of Aviation
By Mike Machat, ed., Review by Daniel J. Simonsen

Carrier Aviation in the 21st Century: Aircraft Carriers and Their Units in Detail
By Thomas Newdick, ed., Review by Steven D. Ellis

Phantom Boys Volume 2: More Thrilling Tales from UK and US Operators of the … F–4
By Richard Pike, ed., Review by Daniel J. Simonsen

Brazilians at War: Brazilian Aviation in the Second World War
By Santiago Rivas, Review by Golda Eldridge

Atomic Cannons and Nuclear Weapons: A Mystery of the Korean War
By Arthur G. Sharp, Review by Steven D. Ellis

Boeing 707 Group: A History
By Graham Simons , Review by Frank Willingham

Thud Pilot: A Pilot’s Account of Early F–105 Combat in Vietnam
By Victor Vizcarra, Review by Scott Marquiss

The Rise and Fall of the French Air Force: French Air Operations and Strategy 1900 to 1940
By Greg Baughen, Review by Frank Willingham

Reckless: Henry Kissinger and the Tragedy of Vietnam
By Robert K. Brigham, Review by John Cirafici

The Man Who Took the Rap: Sir Robert Brooke-Popham and the Fall of Singapore
By Peter Dye, Review by Douglas R. Norton

Flight Risk: The Coalition’s Air Advisory Mission in Afghanistan, 2005-2015
By Forrest L. Marion, Review by Frank Willingham

A Brotherhood of Spies: The U–2 and the CIA’s Secret War
By Monte Reel, Review by Steven D. Ellis

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