Air Power History

Air Power History chronicles the great campaigns, the leaders, the successes and the failures of air forces in the past. Eyewitness accounts and historical articles will capture your interest, issue after issue. Regular features will keep you up-to-date on new books, museum exhibits and meetings.

Summer 2021 – Volume 68, No.2


Fly High, Fly Low: SAC Photographic Reconnaissance in Southeast Asia

William Cahill

Gene Deatrick: An Appreciation

 Jonna Doolittle Hoppes

The SA-2 and U-2: Secrets Revealed

 John A. Schell

Mexicans in World War II: America’s Ally of the Air

 Cynthia Buchanan


Balloons and Airships: A Tale of Lighter than Air Aviation – By Anthony Burton,  Review by Joseph Romito

Beaufighters: Over Sea, Sand and Steaming Jungles – By Jack Colman & Richard Colman, Review by Gary Connor

Showdown in Western Sahara Volume 2: Air Warfare over the Last African Colony, 1975-1991 – By Tom Cooper, Albert Grandolini, & Adrien Fontanellaz, Review by George W. Runkle

Ho Chi Minh Trail 1964-73: Steel Tiger, Barrel Roll, and the Secret Wars in Vietnam and Laos – By Peter E. Davies, Review by Joseph D. Yount

French Bombers of WWII – By José Fernandez and Patrick Laureau, Review by Joseph Romito

Arado Ar 234 Bomber and Reconnaissance Units – By Robert Forsythe and Nick Beale, Review by Gary Connor

Luftwaffe Aces in the Battle of Britain – By Chris Goss, Review by Edward M. Young

War in the Far East: Japan Runs Wild 1942-1943 – By Peter Harmsen, Review by Edward M. Young

V2: A Novel of World War II – By Robert Harris, Review by Robert Huddleston

Oswald Boelcke: Germany’s First Fighter Ace and Father of Air Combat – By R. G. Head, Review by Gary Connor

Robert A. Lovett and the Development of American Air Powe – By David M. Jordan, Review by Steven D. Ellis

Through Adversity: Britain and the Commonwealth’s War in the Air 1939-1945: Volume 1 – By Ben Kite, Review by Edward M. Young

Memoirs of a Stuka Pilot – By Helmut Mahlke, Review by Joseph Romito

US Air Cavalry Trooper versus North Vietnamese Soldier Vietnam 1965-1968 – By Chris McNab, Review by John Cirafici

Inferno: The True Story of a B–17 Gunner’s Heroism and the Bloodiest Military Campaign – By Joe Pappalardo, Review by Steven Agoratus

Operation Colossus: The First British Airborne Raid of World War II – By Lawrence Patterson, Review by Steven D. Ellis

Airpower Over Gallipoli – By Sterling Michael Pavelec, Review by Jayson A. Altieri

The Battle for Heraklion. Crete 1941: The Battle Revealed Through Allied and Axis Accounts – By Yannis Prekatsounakis, Review by Steven D. Ellis

The Yugoslav Air Force in the Battle for Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1991-92, Vol. 1 – By Aleksandar Radi, Review by John Cirafici

Spying from the Sky: At the Controls of U.S. Cold War Aerial Intelligence – By Robert L. Richardson, Review by Joseph Romito

World War II Gunships: YB–40 Flying Fortress and XB–41 Liberator Bomber Escorts – By William Wolf, Review by Scott A. Willey