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Air Power History chronicles the great campaigns, the leaders, the successes and the failures of air forces in the past. Eyewitness accounts and historical articles will capture your interest, issue after issue. Regular features will keep you up-to-date on new books, museum exhibits and meetings.

Summer 2019 – Volume 66, Number 2


The Air War against North Vietnam: the Thanh Hoa Railroad and Highway Bridge (Part 3) — Theo van Geffen

Comparing and Contrasting USAFCENT’s Air Advising Mission in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2005-2015 — Forrest L. Marion

U.S. Mini-air War Against North Vietnam: Protective Reaction Strikes, 1968-1972  — Theo Van Geffen

Terror Night over Vinh — Kenneth S. Katta


Airlines at War: British Civil Aviation 1939-1944 By British Air Ministry — Review by Frank Willingham

The Secret History of RDX: The Super-Explosive that Helped Win World War II By Colin F. Baxter — Review by Steven D. Ellis

A Tale of Ten Spitfires: The Combat Histories of Spitfire VCs AR501 to AR510 By Andrew Critchell  — Review by Gary Connor

Junkers Ju 87 STUKA By Martin Derry & Neil Robinson — Review by Tony Kambic

Eagles Over Husky: The Allied Air Forces in the Sicilian Campaign, 14 May to 17 August 1943 By Alexander Fitzgerald-Black — Review by Frank Willingham

Knights of the Battle of Britain: Luftwaffe Aircrew Awarded the Knight’s Cross in 1940 By Chris Goss  –Review by Gary Connor

One Nation, Under Drones: Legality, Morality, and Utility of Unmanned Combat Systems By John E. Jackson — Review by Golda Eldridge

Aerial Warfare: The Battle for the Skies By Frank Ledwidge — Review by Frank Van Haaste

Open Cockpit By Arthur Gould Lee — Review by Paul Jacobs

Forging a Total Force: The Evolution of the Guard and Reserve By Forrest L. Marion & Jon T. Hoffman — Review by Steven Agoratus

Focke Wulf Jet Fighters By Justo Miranda — Review by Arthur B. Chausmer

Soviet Strategic Bombers: The Hammer in the Hammer and Sickle By Jason Nicholas Moore — Review by Jeffrey P. Joyce

The Chaco Air War 1932-35 By Antonio Sapienza — Review by Frank Van Haaste

Reconnaissance Planes Since 1945 By Frank Schwede — Review by Golda Eldridge

Luftwaffe Eagle: A WWII German Airman’s Story By Erich Sommer & J. Richard Smith, ed.  — Review by Gary Connor

All the Factors of Victory: Adm. Joseph Mason Reeves and the Origins of Carrier Airpower By Thomas Wildenberg — Review by Frank Willingham

Journey: Memoirs of an Air Force Chief of Staff By Norton A. “Norty” Schwartz — Review by Scott A. Willey

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