2001 Air Power History Archive

WINTER 2001 – Volume 48, Number 4

  • Aeroplanes of Lebedev’s Factory
    Viktor Kulikov
  • In the Devil’s Shadow: Don Nichols and U.S. Air Force Special Air Missions
    Michael E. Haas
  • The AMST Program’s Lasting Legacy
    Betty Raab Kennedy
  • Taking Clodfelter One Step Further: Mass, Surprise, Concentration, and the Failure of Operation Rolling Thunder
    Stephen W. Wilson
  • Slanguage: Part V, Letters S-Z
    Brian S. Gunderson

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FALL 2001 -Volume 48, Number 3

  • NASA Looks to the East: American Intelligence Estimates of Soviet Capabilities and Project Apollo
    Roger D. Launius
  • VLR!: VII Fighter Command Operations from Iwo Jima, April-August 1945
    John A. Russ
  • An Eagle with Wings of Gold: The Remarkable Career of Bill Taylor
    Thomas Wildenberg
  • Slanguage: Part IV, Letters L-R
    Brian S. Gunderson
  • Pearl Harbor: More or Less
    Lawrence Suid
  • Readers’ Forum: Opportunities and Perils in the Command of Space
    Lionel D. Alford, Jr.

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SUMMER 2001 -Volume 48, Number 2

  • Any Place, Any Time, Anywhere: The 1st Air Commando Group in World War II
    William T. Y’Blood
  • Salvation from the Sky: Airlift in the Korean War, 1950
    Daniel L. Haulman
  • Context and Theory: Lessons from Operation Allied Force
    Ellwood P. “Skip” Hinman
  • The Final Scene: Howard AFB, Republic of Panama
    Curtis L. Brownhill
  • “Keep ‘em Flying”
    Harry F. Dill
  • Air Force Historian Wins Silver Star
    George M. Watson, Jr
  • Slanguage: Part III, Letters E-L
    Brian S. Gunderson

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SPRING 2001 -Volume 48, Number 1

  • The F-15 Eagle: Origins and Development, 1964-1972
    Jacob Neufeld
  • A “Pretty Damn Able Commander” — Lewis Hyde Brereton: Part II
    Roger G. Miller
  • Genesis of the Aerospace Concept
    Frank W. Jennings
  • Airhead Operations in Kuwait: The 436th ALCE
    John L. Cirafici
  • Slanguage: Part II, Letters C-D
    Brian S. Gunderson

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