2002 Air Power History Archive

WINTER 2002 -Volume 49, Number 4

  • Wright Military Training at College Park in 1909
    Catherine Wallace Allen
  • The “Wright Stuff”: Pilot Training at America’s First Civilian Flying School
    Jerome A. Ennels
  • Testing the Military Flyer at Fort Myer, 1908-1909
    David R. Chenoweth
  • “Kept Alive by the Postman”: The Wright Brothers and 1st Lt. Benjamin D. Foulois at Ft. Sam Houston in 1910
    Roger G. Miller
  • From Infant Technology to Obsolescence: The Wright Brothers’ Airplane in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, 1905-1915
    A. Timothy Warnock

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FALL 2002 -Volume 49, Number 3

  • Four Caterpillars and a Funeral: Documents on the Crash of the Huff-Daland XLB–5, May 28, 1927
    Roger G. Miller
  • Disaster off Casablanca: Air Observation Posts in Operation Torch and the Role of Failure in Institutional Innovation
    Edgar Frank Raines, Jr
  • Searching for Ebro-33
    Darrel Whitcom

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SUMMER 2002 -Volume 49, Number 2

  • The Making of a Hero: What Really Happened Seventy-five Years Ago, After Lindbergh Landed at Le Bourget
    Raymond H. Fredette
  • The United States Air Force and the Bats of Bracken Cave
    Karl Preuss
  • General Short and the Politics of Kosovo’s Air War
    Don D. Chipman
  • My Most Secret Mission: the Untold Story of Yalta
    H.A. Eberhardt

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SPRING 2002 -Volume 49, Number 1

  • The Black Cat Squadron
    Hsichun Mike Hua
  • Sabre Pilot Pickup: Unconventional Contributions to Air Superiority in Korea
    Forrest L. Marion
  • Bernard Schriever and the Scientific Vision
    Stephen B. Johnson
  • USAF Logistics in the Korean War
    William W. Suit

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