2005 Air Power History Archive

WINTER 2005 -Volume 52, Number 4

  • Misadventure of a Student Pilot
    Rodney O. Rogers
  • Boffins at Bomber Command: The Role of Operational Research in Decision Making
    Randall Wakelam
  • The Eureka-Rebecca Compromises: Another Look at Special Operations Security during World War II
    Chris Burton
  • Those Were the Days: Flying Safety during the Transition to Jets, 1944-1953
    Kenneth P. Werrell

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FALL 2005 -Volume 52, Number 3

  • The Red Baron Reports: What They Really Said
    William Sayers
  • Italian Aircraft in Russia
    Viktor P. Kulikov
  • Airlifts in Time
    Justin Giovannettone
  • Committing to the Shuttle Without Ever Having a National Policy
    L. Parker Temple III

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SUMMER 2005 -Volume 52, Number 2

  • Barbara Erickson: From “Rosie the Riveter” to B–17 Pilot
    Sarah Byrn Rickman
  • The Dam Busters’ Raid: Success or Sideshow
    T. M. Webster
  • The Dawn of Aviation in the Middle East: The First Flying Machines over Istanbul
    Gary Leiser
  • The Fog of War: Lt. Kenneth M. Taylor on December 7, 1941
    George R. Farfour

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SPRING 2005 -Volume 52, Number 1

  • Ozark Lead is out of the Aircraft
    W. Howard Plunkett
  • The Question of British Influence on U.S. Tactical Air Power in World War II
    Paul Johnston
  • Keith Ferris: Life, Flight and Art
    Eyewitness to Seventy-five Years of Air Force History
    Keith Ferris
  • Desert Storm and the Triumph of Joint Warfare Planning
    Don D. Chipman

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