2006 Air Power History Archive

WINTER 2006 -Volume 53, Number 4

  • Forward Air Control: A Royal Australian Air Force Innovation
    Carl A. Post
  • USAF Combat Airfields in Korea and Vietnam
    Daniel L. Haulman
  • Against DNIF: Examining von Richthofen’s Fate
    Jonathan M. Young
  • “I Wonder at Times How We Keep Going Here:” The 1941-1942 Philippines Diary of Lt. John P. Burns, 21st Pursuit Squadron
    William H. Bartsch

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FALL 2006 -Volume 53, Number 3

  • Cannon, Egg, Charlie and Baker: Airlift Links between World War II and the Chinese Civil War
    John Plating
  • Cobras Join the Battle: P–39s and P–63s in Soviet Force
    Viktor P. Kulikov
  • A Hot Day in a Cold War: An RB–47 vs Mig–17s,April 28,1965
    Forrest L. Marion
  • The First Space Race? The Explorer Balloon Flight of 1935
    George A. Larson

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SUMMER 2006 -Volume 53, Number 2

  • Radar Bombing during Rolling Thunder— Part II: Combat Lancer and Commando Club
    W. Howard Plunkett
  • Tuskegee (Weather) Airmen: Black Meteorologists in World War II
    Gerald A. White, Jr.
  • Polish Special Duties Flight No. 1586 and the Warsaw Uprising
    Michael A. Peszke
  • Slanguage: Revisited
    Brian S. Gunderson

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SPRING 2006 -Volume 53, Number 1

  • Radar Bombing During Rolling Thunder—Part I: Ryan’s Raiders
    W. Howard Plunkett
  • The Unforgettable B–29s: A Tribute
    Yang Jing
  • “Always Above”: Major Edward ‘Mick’ Mannock in World War I
    Thomas G. Bradbeer

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