2007 Air Power History Archive

WINTER 2007 -Volume 54, Number 4

  • The Importance of History
    General T. Michael Moseley, Air Force Chief of Staff
  • Air Force History Office—Living Legends Series
    Moderated by C. R. “Dick” Anderegg
  • Session I: “Emerging Air Power: The World War II Era”
    Alison, Hallion, McGee, and Taylor
  • Session II: “The Jet Age: Korea, Vietnam, Cold War”
    Hanton, Harbison, Hornburg, and McInerney
  • Session III: “Modern Warfare: Desert Storm, OIF and OEF
    Deptula and Link

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FALL 2007 – Volume 54, Number 3

  • Wakes of War: Contrails and the Rise of Air Power, 1918-1945 Part II: The Air War over Europe, 1939-1945
    Donald R. Baucom
  • The Short But Interesting Life of a Plane Called Rivet Top
    William Cahill
  • A Visionary Ahead of His Time: Howard Hughes and the U.S. Air Force Part I: The Air Corps Design Competition
    Thomas Wildenberg
  • The U.S. Air Force Response to Hurricane Katrina
    Daniel L. Haulman

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SUMMER 2007 – Volume 54, Number 2

  • Billy Mitchell, the 3d Attack Group and the Laredo Project
    Roger G. Miller
  • Wakes of War: Contrails and the Rise of Air Power, 1918-1945–Part I: Early Sightings and Preliminary Explanations, 1918-1938
    Donald R. Baucom
  • “Bring Me Men and Women:” The Integration of Women into the United States Air Force Academy
    Allison Gawlinski
  • “In Recognition of Their Unique Record:” Tuskegee Airmen Awarded the Congressional Gold Medal
    Alan Gropman

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SPRING 2007 – Volume 54, Number 1

  • A Very High Road: A B–36 Gunner’s Story
    Edward William Van Orman
  • A Day on Northern Watch: November 2, 2000
    Peter P. Bartos
  • “Go to the Moon instead of just going into orbit”
    Craig B. Waff
  • Strategic Air Command’s B–29s during the Berlin Airlift
    Brian S. Gunderson

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