2011 Air Power History Archive

WINTER 2011 – Volume 58, Number 4

  • “War behind the Wire: Life and Escape from Stalag 17B”
    Joseph R. Kurtenbach
  • “Bomber Wars: Curtis LeMay, Robert McNamara and the B–70”
    Zachary M. Matusheski
  • “The Wingman-Philosopher of MiG Alley: John Boyd and the OODA Loop”
    Scott E. McIntosh
  • “The Ultimate Program Manager: General Samuel C. Phillips”
    Jeffery S. Bateman

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FALL 2011 – Volume 58, Number 3

  • “U-2 Spy Planes: What You Didn’t Know About Them”
    David Reade
  • “The N.A.C.A. and Its Military Patrons in the Supersonic Era, 1940-1958”
    Michael H. Gorn
  • “Flight to the Stars: The 1934 Air Corps Alaskan Expedition”
    Kenneth P. Werrell
  • “Good Men...Running Around in Circles: Benjamin Foulois, Billy Mitchell, and the Fight for the Future of the Army Air Service”
    Karl R. Schrader

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SUMMER 2011 – Volume 58, Number 2

  • “Douhet’s Antagonist: Amedeo Mecozzi’s Alternative Vision of Air Power”
    Rodolfo Sganga, Paulo G. Tripodi, & Wray R. Johnson
  • “The N.A.C.A. and its Military Patrons during the Golden Age of Aviation, 1915-1939”
    Michael H. Gorn
  • “Arnold at Potsdam”
    Herman S. Wolk
  • “Obama’s War”
    Neil Sheehan

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SPRING 2011 – Volume 58, Number 1

  • “Origins of the Airborne Laser”
    Cameron L. Ross
  • “PAVE NAIL: There at the Beginning of the Precision Weapons Revolution”
    Darrel Whitcomb
  • “Early Experimental Guided Missiles”
    Jacob Neufeld
  • Readers’ Forum I: “Speaking Truth to Power””
    Alan R. Gropman
  • Readers’ Forum II: “Lavelle – From My Perspective””
    Delbert R. “Chip” Terrill

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