2012 Air Power History Archive

Winter 2012 – Volume 59, Number 4

  • “The Korean People’s Air Force in the Fatherland Liberation War: Part II”
    Douglas C. Dildy
  • “The Other Atomic Bomb Commander: Col. Cliff Heflin and his ‘Special’ 216th AAF Base Unit”
    Darrell F. Dvorak
  • “First Fight: The U.S. Air Force’s Special Tactics Group in Panama, December 1989”
    Forrest L. Marion
  • “The ‘Other’ Red Tails”
    Daniel L. Haulman

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FALL 2012 – Volume 59, Number 3

  • “Laying the Foundation of a Mighty Air Force: Civilian Schools and Primary Flight Training during World War II”
    Stephen G. Craft
  • "Shootout at Rabaul"
    Richard L. Dunn
  • "The Korean People's Air Force in the Fatherland Liberation War: Part I"
    Douglas C. Dildy
  • "The Korean War and the Maturation of SAC Reconnaissance"
    William Cahill

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SUMMER 2012 – Volume 59, Number 2

  • "Making Do: The Air War in East Africa, 1940-1941"
    Daniel J. Kostecka
  • "The Bamboo Fleet: How a Ragtag Airlift Operation Supported Besieged U.S. Forces in the Philippines in World War II"
    John F. Farrell
  • "American Airmen Held as POWs in Far East Russia during World War II"
    George A. Larson
  • "Closing the North Atlantic Air Gap: Where Did All the BRITISH Liberators Go?"
    John F. O'Connell

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SPRING 2012 – Volume 59, Number 1

  • “Flying the First Mission of Desert Storm”
    Darrel Whitcomb
  • “Imaging the Empire: The 3d Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron in World War II”
    William M. Cahill
  • “The Other Face of Air Power: “Afghan Rescue 705 Flight” July 28-29, 2010”
    Forrest L. Marion with Gregory A. Roberts
  • “The Battle of Britain, in 1940 and “Big Week,” in 1944: A Comparative Perspective”
    Arnold D. Harvey

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