2014 Air Power History Archive

Winter 2014 – Volume 61, Number 4

  • “Major Ralph Royce and the First Pursuit Group’s 1930 Arctic Patrol Exercise”
    David K. Vaughan
  • “’Bar Napkin’ Tactics, Combat Tactical Leadership In Southeast Asia”
    Darrel D. Whitcomb
  • “Arctic Linchpin: The Polar Concept in American Air Atomic Strategy, 1946-48” John T. Farquhar
    Richard L. Dunn

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Fall 2014 – Volume 61, Number 3

  • “The Search for General Walker: New Insights”
    Richard L. Dunn
  • “Reconnaissance Drones: Their First Use in the Cold War”
    R. Cargill Hall
  • “Team Sport, Combat Search and Rescue over Serbia, 1999”
    Darrel D. Whitcomb & Forrest L. Marion
  • “Getting to the Target: The Penetration Problem in Strategic Air Command during the 1950s”
    Phillip S. Meilinger

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Summer 2014 – Volume 61, Number 2

  • “Before the Dawn: The Performance of the Troop Carriers at Normandy”
    Daniel L. Haulman
  • “Men and Planes of World War I & A History of the Lafayette Escadrille”
    Juliette A. Hennessy
  • “German Aircraft Design during the Third Reich”
    A. D. Harvey
  • “Sir Arthur Harris and Panacea Targets”
    A. D. Harvey

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Spring 2014 – Volume 61, Number 1

  • “Ten Seconds to Impact”: The B–52 Air Strike at Bagram, Nov. 12, 2001”
    Forrest L. Marion
  • “Reconnaissance on a Global Scale: SAC Reconnaissance of the 1950s”
    William Cahill
  • “A German Aircraft Downed by Archie”
    Charles H. Bogart
  • "Flying Training: The American Advantage in the Battle for Air Superiority against the Luftwaffe"
    Kenneth P. Werrell

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