2017 Air Power History Archive

Winter 2017 – Volume 64, Number 4

Dirty Little Secret in the Land of a Million Elephants: Barrel Roll and the Lost War

William P. Head

Building Air Force Intellectual Capacity: An Innovative Look at Creating Air University and the Air Force Academy, 1918-1955

John T. Farquar

The History of the Air Force Historical Foundation: An Extract

John F. Kreis

Warden Revisited: The Pursuit of Victory Through Air Power

John Andreas Olsen

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Fall 2017 – Volume 64, Number 3


  • Leaflets, Loudspeakers and Radios, Oh, My! - Robert J. Kodosky
  • Reentry Vehicle Development Leading to the Minuteman Avco Mark  5 and 1 - David  K. Stumpf
  • The French Pilot Training Experience at Oscoda Army Air Field During World War II - David K. Vaughan
  • Operation Vittles: The  Berlin Airlift - Daniel L. Haulman

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Summer 2017 – Volume 64, Number 2

  • Thirteenth Air Force Radio Countermeasures Operations, 1944-45 - William Cahill
  • The Resurrection of Tactical Air Command and Military Airlift Command- Daniel L. Haulman
  • Rescue–1972: A year of challenge for rescue forces in the violent skies of Southeast Asia- Darrel Whitcomb
  • Men and Planes of World War I and a History of the Lafayette Escadrille- Juliette A. Henness

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Spring 2017 – Volume 64, Number 1

Considered Advisable under Existing Conditions: Philippine Airpower, 1912-1939 

William Cahill

Special Operations by Airpower: Strategic Lessons from World War II

Adam Leong Kok Wey

What Might Have Been–XX Bomber Command’s B–29 Offensive against Japanese Oil Supplies in The Netherlands East Indies and Borneo

John F. O’Connell

False Claims About the Tuskegee Airmen

Daniel L. Haulman

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