October 22, 1957

  1957: FIRST CASUALTIES FROM VIETNAM. Eight US servicemen injured in an explosion in Saigon are evacuated to Clark Air Base for treatment at the […]

October 21, 1965

1965: Gen Curtis E. LeMay, former Chief of Staff, receives the 1965 Collier Trophy, American aviation’s highest honor.

October 20, 1944

1944: RETURN TO THE PHILIPPINES. Southwest Pacific Area forces land unopposed at two points. Gen Douglas MacArthur, accompanied by President Sergio Osmena, lands in the […]

October 19, 1968

1968: Maj William J. Knight receives the Harmon International Aviator’s Trophy for 1967 as the world’s outstanding pilot for flying X-15 No. 2 to 4,520 […]

October 18, 1962

1962: CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. The Air Force Reserve mobilizes eight troop carrier wings and six aerial port squadrons for the Cuban Missile Crisis.

October 15, 2000

2000: MACKAY TROPHY/ATTACK ON THE USS COLE. Crews from the 75th Airlift Squadron and 86th Aeromedical Squadron receive the trophy for evacuating 28 survivors of […]

October 14, 1973

1973: YOM KIPPUR WAR/Operation NICKEL GRASS. Through 14 November (30 days), MAC delivers 22,395 tons of material from 20 locations in the US to Israel. […]

October 13, 1999

1999: The X-43A, the world’s first hypersonic air-breathing free-flight vehicle, arrives at Edwards AFB for testing. The X-43 involves Supersonic Combustible Ramjet, or “Scramjet,” technology.

October 12, 1944

  1944: Lt Chuck Yeager in his P-51 “glamorous Glenn II” downs five of his aerial victories a single engagement.

October 8, 1993

1993: Operation PROVIDE PROMISE. The effort to airlift relief supplies to Bosnia surpasses the Berlin Airlift in duration, but not in tonnage or missions. This […]