May 14, 1973

1973: From Kennedy Space Center, a two-stage Saturn V launches Skylab 1 into orbit, where its two Solar Array System wings fail to deploy. These […]

May 13, 1952

1952: 5th Air Force F-86s destroy 5 MiG-15s in aerial combat. 4th Fighter Interceptor Group Commander Col Walker M. Mahurin, leader of all three missions, […]

May 11, 1968

1968: MEDAL OF HONOR. Lt Col Joe M. Jackson volunteers to rescue a three-man Air Force combat control team at Kham Duc. Before the rescue, […]

May 10, 1942

1942: The President orders the Air Medal be established to award any person who while serving in the armed services after 8 Sep 1939, distinguishes […]

May 9, 1944

  1944: General Electric’s XJ79 turbojet engine makes its first flight in the NB-45 test aircraft over Sche­nectady, N.Y. This engine later develops and is […]

May 6, 2006

2006: The last operational C-141 (Tail No. 66-0177) lands at Wright Field for donation to the National Museum of the USAF. The landing ends 42 […]

May 5, 1927

  1927: The Patent Office issues a patent on hinged inset trailing edge ailerons, an invention that later becomes a standard feature on aircraft. #Science […]

May 4, 1968

1968: Gen Carl Spaatz (USAF retired) receives the Thomas D. White National Defense Award for 1968. The above book is published by the Air Force […]

May 3, 1973

1973: The National Aeronautic Association presents the 1972 Mackay Trophy to three Vietnam aces: Captains Richard S. “Steve” Ritchie, Charles B. DeBellevue, and Jeffery S. […]

May 2, 1957

1957: The USAF accepted its first F-101A Voodoo. #New Aircraft