November 12, 1921

1921: FIRST AIR-TO-AIR REFUELING. Wesley May, with a 5-gallon can of gasoline strapped to his back, steps from the wing of a Lincoln Standard to […]

November 11, 1918

1918: The armistice ending World War I is declared. During the conflict, the Army Air Service drop 138 tons of bombs and had verified credits for […]

November 10, 1942

1942: Through 13 November, the 33rd Fighter Group flies 100 P-40s from the carriers USS Chenango and HMS Archer to land at Port Lyautey airfield, […]

November 8, 1942

  1942: Thru 11 Nov, Army and carrier-based airplanes support the invasion of North Africa, and American troops land on French-held territory. Colonel Demas T. […]

November 5, 1943

    1943: The 56th Fighter Group (P-47s) becomes the first Eighth Air Force fighter group credited with 100 enemy aircraft destroyed.  

November 3, 1959

1959: The Air Force successfully transports an ICBM by air for the first time by flying an Atlas D on a C-133B from San Diego […]

November 2, 1944

1944: MEDAL OF HONOR. While on a mission over Meresberg, Germany, a bomber sustains three hits from anti-aircraft shells. A severely wounded navigator, Lt Robert […]

November 1, 1964

  1964: During the early morning hours, the Viet Cong attack Bien Hoa AB with mortars. The Viet Cong kill four and wound 30 Americans. […]

October 29, 1918

1918: Known as the “Ace of Aces” for that conflict, Capt Edward V. Rickenbacker shoots down his 26th and final enemy aircraft of World War […]