October 14, 1973

1973: YOM KIPPUR WAR/Operation NICKEL GRASS. Through 14 November (30 days), MAC delivers 22,395 tons of material from 20 locations in the US to Israel. […]

October 13, 1999

1999: The X-43A, the world’s first hypersonic air-breathing free-flight vehicle, arrives at Edwards AFB for testing. The X-43 involves Supersonic Combustible Ramjet, or “Scramjet,” technology.

October 12, 1944

  1944: Lt Chuck Yeager in his P-51 “glamorous Glenn II” downs five of his aerial victories a single engagement.

October 8, 1993

1993: Operation PROVIDE PROMISE. The effort to airlift relief supplies to Bosnia surpasses the Berlin Airlift in duration, but not in tonnage or missions. This […]

October 6, 1918

1918: MEDALS OF HONOR. Near Binarvelle, France, 1Lt Harold E. Goettler with the 50th Aero Squadron and 2Lt Erwin P. Bleckley (Kansas National Guard), flying […]

October 5, 1984

1984: FIRST SPACEWALK BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN. During the sixth Challenger Space Shuttle mission, astronauts record several firsts, including the first walk in space by […]

October 4, 1909

1909: Wilbur Wright flew from Governor’s Island out past the Statue of Liberty, up the Hudson to Grant’s Tomb, and back to the island during […]

October 1, 1947

(Stock photo) 1947: The first flight of North American’s prototype F-86 Sabre (XP-86) at Muroc Dry Lake. See video of first flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M68-Y9dGQcs

September 30, 1949

1949: Operation VITTLES. The last flight took place to end the Berlin Airlift, although the main effort ended earlier. Tonnage and passenger reports vary but […]

September 29, 1918

1918: MEDAL OF HONOR. After destroying a number of enemy aircraft within 17 days, 2Lt Frank Luke of the 27th Aero Squadron volunteers to go […]