September 28, 1964

1964: With eight KC-135s, the Yankee Team Tanker Task Force starts supporting PACOM fighter combat operations, primarily Navy Task Force 77 aircraft.

September 27, 1943

1943: Eighth Air Force B-17s attack targets in Emden, Germany with nearly 1,000 tons of bombs, the heaviest assault on a single target to date […]

September 24, 1964

1964: President Lyndon B. Johnson presents aviation’s highest honor, the 1963 Robert J. Collier Trophy, to Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, who […]

September 23, 2004

2004: Operation PROVIDE HOPE. A C-17 from McChord AFB delivers medicines and medical supplies worth $15 million to Bishkek IAP in the Kyrgyz Republic. It […]

September 22, 1949

1949: Convair’s T-29 Flying Schoolroom makes its first flight. Providing navigator training at 14 sta­tions, each station had access to a map table, loran scope, […]

September 21, 1964

1964: North American Aviation test pilot Alvin S. White and Col Joseph F. Cotton fly the XB-70A Valkyrie for the first time in a flight […]

September 20, 1951

1951: USAF recovers animals from a rocket flight for the first time, when a monkey and 11 mice survive an Aerobee flight to an altitude […]

September 17, 1944

1944: Operation MARKET GARDEN. 1,546 allied planes and 478 gliders carry 35,000 troops for an airborne assault between Eindhoven and Arnhem in Holland to secure […]

September 16, 2005

2005: Travis AFB places the restored C-141A Starlifter (tail number 63-8088) nicknamed the Golden Bear on permanent static display. It was the USAF’s first operational […]