September 15, 1996

1996: Operation PACIFIC HAVEN. USAF airlifters carry thousands of Kurdish refugees from Northern Iraq to Andersen AFB, Guam where they are processed for resettlement in […]

September 14, 1951

1951: MEDAL OF HONOR. Capt John S. Walmsley, Jr., dies while illuminating an enemy supply train with his searchlight-equipped B-26 Invader. After stopping the train […]

September 13, 1943

1943: The 52nd Troop Carrier Wing uses more than 80 troop transports to drop 1,200 paratroopers from the 82d Air­borne Division on Italy’s Salerno Beach, […]

September 10, 2005

  2005: The first-ever C-130 combat mission by an all-female crew is flown from a forward location in Southwest Asia. The crew includes Capt Carol […]

September 9, 1972

  1972: To become the Vietnam War’s leading ace, Capt Charles B. DeBellevue, flying as a weapon systems officer in a 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron […]

September 8, 1971

1971: The USAF’s 17th Special Operations Squadron at Tan Son Nhut AB flies its final AC-119G “Shadow” gunship mission and then turns the aircraft over […]

September 7, 1995

  1995: Two 436th Airlift Wing  C-5s from Dover AFB airlift gas turbine generators from Ramstein AB to Incirlik AB to provide electrical power for […]

Setember 6, 2002

2002: Operation NOBLE EAGLE. Fighters continue 24-hour combat air patrols over Washington DC and New York City as the anniversary of the 11 September 2001 […]

September 3, 1999

1999: Capt Julie Hudson of the 175th Wing (Maryland Air National Guard) qualifies as the Guard’s first fully combat ready female A-10 fighter pilot.