November 13, 1961

  1961:    At Malmstrom AFB, a Site Activation Task Force accepts the first Minuteman I (Model A) operational silo.

November 12, 1921

    1921:    FIRST AIR-TO-AIR REFUELING. Wesley May, with a 5-gallon can of gasoline strapped to his back, steps from the wing of a Lincoln […]

November 8, 1942

1942:    MEDAL OF HONOR. Col Demas T. Craw and Maj Pierpont M. Hamilton receive the Medal for valorous service in the invasion of Africa. Craw […]

November 7, 1917

  1917:    Eugene J. Bullard, US pilot in French service, shoots down an enemy fighter, becoming the  1st African American fighter pilot with an aerial […]

November 6, 1909

  1909:    The French government awards Orville and Wilbur Wright the Legion of Honor at its New York consulate.

November 5, 1943

1943:    The 56th Fighter Group (P-47s) become the first Eighth Air Force fighter group credited with 100 enemy aircraft destroyed.

November 4, 1927

1927:    Capt Hawthorne C. Gray, an early stratospheric explorer, dies in his third attempt to break the balloon record of 40,820 feet. While descending from […]

November 1, 1964

  1964:    Viet Cong attack Bien Hoa AB with mortars, killing 4 and wounding 30 Americans; they also destroy 7 aircraft and damage 18.

October 4, 1909

    1909:    Wilbur Wright flies from Governor’s Island out past the Statue of Liberty, up the Hudson to Grant’s Tomb, and back to the […]