July 16, 1971

  1971 – Brig Gen Jeanne Holm becomes 1st female general officer in the US Air Force. She is pinned by Secretary of the Air […]

July 15, 1958

  1958:    Operation BLUE BAT. After the Iraqi government falls, tensions increase in Lebanon. This strain leads Lebanon’s President to seek US security assistance. TAC […]

July 12, 1990

  1990:    The USAF receives the 59th and last F-117A Stealth Fighter from Lockheed.

July 10, 1935

1935:    Larry Bell founds Bell Aircraft, producer among other aircraft of the P-39 Airacobra and the X-1.

Jul 9, 1944

1944:    MEDAL OF HONOR. During an attack on the Ploesti oil refineries, Lt Donald D. Pucket’s B-24 receives heavy and direct hits and crashes. For […]

July 8, 1944

1944:   Lt Col Clifford Heflin flies his C-47 on the first landing mission into France to rescue airmen who had parachuted behind enemy lines. (Here […]

July 5, 1912

1912:    Capt Charles DeForest Chandler, Lt Thomas DeWitt Milling, and Lt Henry H. Arnold became the first qualified “Military Aviators.” They receive their badges on […]

July 4, 1942

1942: The Flying Tigers join the Army Air Forces as the 23rd Fighter Group, Col Robert L. Scott Jr commanding.

July 3, 1949

  1949:    The USAF gives the B-29 Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, to the Smithsonian Institute.