August 5, 1950

1950: MEDAL OF HONOR. Maj Louis J. Sebille, the 67th Fighter Bomber Squadron Commander, dies near Hamchang, Korea, when he crashes his severely damaged F-51 […]

August 2, 1987

  1987:    The 552d Airborne Warning and Control Wing from Tinker AFB completes its 5,000th mission for the Elf One deployment to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. […]

August 1, 1943

1943:    Operation TIDAL WAVE-Ploesti Raid. Among the most costly missions in World War II, with over 50 aircraft and 650 airmen lost. Five Medals of […]

July 31, 1952

1952:    PROJECT HOP-A-LONG. Two Military Air Transport Service Sikorsky UH-19b helicopters complete the first trans-Atlantic helicopter flight. They touch down five times en route between […]

July 30, 1971

  1971: The last F-100 leaves Vietnam for the CONUS. Its departure ends a combat employment which began in 1964 and produced 360,283 combat sorties […]

July 29, 1995

  1995:    The 11th Reconnaissance Squadron is activated at Nellis AFB in preparation of the squadron to operate Predator unmanned drones. It is the first […]

July 26, 1947

1947:    Truman signs the National Security Act, which establishes the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, the CIA, and the US Air Force.

July 25, 1944

  1944:    Operation COBRA. 3,000 planes attack German posts near St. Lo, accidentally killing Lt Gen Lesley J. McNair, US Ground Forces Commander.

July 24, 1990

1990:    The landing of SAC’s Boeing EC-135 Looking Glass Airborne Command Post at Offutt AFB ends 29 years of continuous operation with over 250 million […]

July 23, 1918

1918:    The Director of the Army Air Service orders every flying field in the United States to have an air ambulance. This was based on […]