June 18, 1965

1965: The 1st Air Commando Squadron, 34th Tactical Group, Bien Hoa AB receives the Presidential Unit Citation. This is the first USAF unit so honored […]

June 17, 1993

1993: At Minot AFB, Lt Col Patricia Fornes becomes the 740th Missile Squadron commander. She is the first woman to command a combat missile unit. […]

June 16, 1936

  1936: Seversky Aircraft Company receives a contract to build P-35s for the Army. It was the Army’s first single-seat fighter with a closed cockpit […]

June 12, 1918

  1918: The 96th Aero Squadron carries out the first American daylight-bombing mission in World War I from Amanty Airdrome against the occupied Dommary-Baroncourt rail […]

June 11, 2007

  2007: ROBERT J. COLLIER TROPHY. The National Aeronautic Association presents its annual trophy to the Lockheed Martin Corporation and the USAF for developing the […]

June 15, 1965

  1965: SAC declares the 400th Strategic Missile Squadron to be operational at Francis E. Warren AFB. This act ends the dep­loyment of 800 Minuteman […]

June 10, 1967

1967: Project TURNKEY. The USAF completes a $52 million airbase at Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, in one year. It was the first base to be designed […]

June 9, 1974

1974: Northrop’s YF-17 prototype makes its first flight at Edwards AFB. Northrop pilot Henry E. “Hank” Chouteau flies the jet for 61 minutes at altitudes […]

June 8, 1980

  1980: In the first all-woman airlift mission, Capt Susan R. Regele flies a C-9 from Scott AFB. The crew includes two other pilots, two […]

June 5, 1944

1944: MEDAL OF HONOR. Lt Col Leon R. Vance Jr. receives the medal for his courage and valor. Citation: http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/3033/vance-leon-r-jr.php Vance Air Force Base, Enid, […]