June 4, 1942

1942: BATTLE OF MIDWAY. The battle rages through 7 June. Three US carriers destroy four Japanese carriers, losing one. The Japanese also lose a heavy […]

June 3, 1965

1965: GEMINI IV. Through 7 June, USAF Astronauts Edward H. White II and James A. McDivitt complete a 97-hour, 58-minute space flight with two firsts: […]

June 2, 1995

  1995: Through 8 June, after a surface-to-air missile strike forces him to eject from his F-16 over Bosnia, Capt Scott O’Grady evades cap­ture by […]

June 1, 1934

Flown from Miami to Boston on the first day of emergency Army Air Mail service, February 19, 1934 1934: Army Air Corps airmail operations end. […]

May 28, 1980

  1980: The United States Air Force Academy graduates its first female cadets. Ninety-seven women are commissioned as Second Lieutenants.

May 28, 1966

  1966: The ARRS observes its 20th anniversary. In this period, the Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service rescued more than 12,000 people throughout the world.

May 27, 1958

1958: Gen Otto P. Weyland accepts TAC’s first production F-105B Thunderchief from Republic at its Farmingdale plant in Long Island. (Third production model shown in […]

May 26, 1973

  1973: SKYLAB 2 launches from Kennedy Space Center on a Saturn IB with Astronauts Charles Conrad, Jr., Paul Weitz, and Dr. Joseph Kerwin aboard. […]

May 25, 1985

1985: A MAC C-141 flies the body of the Unknown Soldier of the Vietnam War from Travis AFB to Andrews AFB prior to its interment […]

May 22, 2002

  2002:    The X-45A Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), designated Blue, flies for the first time at Edwards AFB over an oval shaped track for […]