June 25, 1996

  1996: Terrorists bomb Khobar Towers near King Abdul-Aziz AB, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 Air Force personnel and injuring 300 others. It is the worst […]

June 24, 1997

  1997: Operation PROVIDE COMFORT/NORTHERN WATCH. EF-111A Ravens from the 429th Electronic Combat Squadron (ECS) at Cannon AFB left Turkey for home after nearly 2,100 […]

June 21, 1954

    1954: USAF creates a Western Development Division under Brig Gen Bernard A. Schriever to accelerate the Atlas ICBM program.

June 20, 1941

  1941: The United States Army Air Forces is formed, leading to, by the end of World War II, a largely autonomous force.

June 19, 1944

1944: BATTLE OF THE PHILIPPINE SEA. Through 20 June, American pilots shoot down 476 Japanese aircraft in “The Marianas Turkey Shoot.” The US loses 130 […]

June 18, 1965

1965: The 1st Air Commando Squadron, 34th Tactical Group, Bien Hoa AB receives the Presidential Unit Citation. This is the first USAF unit so honored […]

June 17, 2003

  2003: DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSSES. USAF award 34 aircrew members from Charleston AFB the DFC for actions in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Eight recipients receive the […]

May 31, 1956

1956:    The 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing at Turner AFB GA receives the first USAF RB-57D (number 53-3973), the reconnaissance version of the British-designed B-57 Canberra.

May 30, 1912

  1912:    Wilbur Wright dies of typhoid fever at the age of 45 at Dayton.

May 29, 1966

1966:    The Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service observes its 20th anniversary. In this period, the ARRS rescued more than 12,000 people throughout the world.