May 3, 1973

1973:  The 1972 Mackay Trophy goes to three Vietnam aces: Captains Richard S. “Steve” Ritchie, Charles B. DeBellevue, and Jeffery S. Feinstein.

May 2,1923

Lieutenants John Macready and Oakley Kelly 1923: MACKAY TROPHY and Distinguished Flying Cross. Lts. Kelly & Maccready fly 1st nonstop transcontinental flight, NY-San Diego, 2,520 […]

May 1, 1943

      MEDAL OF HONOR: A B-17 bomber, with Sgt Maynard H. Smith as gunner, comes under intense enemy fire while returning from a […]

April 28, 2003

  2003: Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) at Prince Sultan AB, Saudi Arabia moves to Al Udeid AB, Qatar, marking end of SOUTHERN WATCH.

April 26, 1966

April 26, 1966: F-4C crew Major Paul Gilmore and 1Lt William Smith, shoots down a MiG-21 over N. Vietnam, 1st to be destroyed in combat. […]

January 2, 1942

  1942:    Gen Henry H. Arnold establishes a new numbered Air Force, which later becomes Eighth Air Force. The Eighth sustains over 26,000 deaths in […]

January 1, 1929

  1929:    THE QUESTION MARK. Through 7 January, to test in-flight refueling and crew and aircraft endurance, Maj Carl A. Spaatz and crew fly the […]

January 31,1991

  1991:   BATTLE OF KHAFJI. Iraqi forces cross the Kuwaiti border into Saudi Arabia. The USAF suffers its greatest loss of the war when the […]