April 13, 1999

1999:   Operation ALLIED FORCE. USA Gen Wesley Clark, SACEUR, asks for 300 more U.S. aircraft, bringing the total to 800.

April 12, 1981

1981:   SPACE SHUTTLE’S MAIDEN VOYAGE. The Space Shuttle Columbia launches on the first flight of a reusable spacecraft.

April 11, 1944 and April 11, 1966

1944:   MEDAL OF HONOR. Lt Edward Michael receives medal for saving himself, crew member, and B-17 with successful crash landing. 1966: MEDAL OF HONOR. Pararescueman […]

April 10, 1967

1967:   Operation POKER DICE. SAC beds down B-52s at U-Tapao with the first 3 aircraft arriving during the day. Later in the day they fly […]

April 9, 1974

1974:   Between 9 April and 11 May, USAF conducts the flyoff between the A-10 and A-7 at Edwards AFB.

April 6, 1952

1952:   KOREAN WAR. Capt Iven C. Kincheloe, Jr., 25th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, destroys MiG, becomes war’s tenth ace. (Shown with Maj James Jabara)

April 5, 1986

1986:   A 40,000 gallon  jet fuel tank explodes and burns at Osan AB; A1C John A. Loomis receives the Airman’s Medal for his life-saving response.

April 3, 1975

1975:    Operation BABYLIFT. A MAC C-5 crashes in an emergency landing near Saigon while flying the op’s 1st mission; 138 die and 176 survive […]

April 3, 1996

1996:   A 76th Airlift Squadron CT-43 transport crashes near Dubrovnik, Croatia killing 35, including Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown. Brown was on an economic development mission […]