May 28, 1959

1959:    A Rhesus monkey, Able, and a squirrel monkey, Miss Baker, are the first primates to be launched and recovered successfully from space. They were […]

May 27, 1913

1913:    Under General Order No. 39, Army officers who qualified as military aviators receive a Mili­tary Aviator’s Certificate and badge. At the time, 24 officers […]

May 24, 1972

  1972:    President Nixon and USSR Premier Kosygin sign an agreement in Moscow for use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

May 23, 2000

2000:    Randolph AFB receives the first production-model T-6A Texan II. USAF’s new primary trainer would replace the T-37 and the Navy’s T-34 training aircraft.

May 22, 1906

1906:  The U.S. government issues the Wright Brothers the first patent on their flying machine (after turning down two earlier submissions from them).

May 21, 1956

1956:    Operation REDWING (Cherokee test). On Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, Maj David Crichlow flies the B-52 Barbara Grace to nearly 50,000 feet and drops  […]

May 20, 1927

  1927:  Charles A. Lindbergh, a Captain in the Missouri National Guard’s 110th Observation Squadron, lands his Ryan Monoplane, the “Spirit of St. Louis,” in […]

May 17, 1919

  1919:    The Director of the Air Service orders the use of the national star insignia on all service planes; This order is implemented in […]

May 16, 1947

  1947:    Over New York, 101 B-29s “theoretically” drop bombs in SAC’s first Maximum Effort mission.

May 15, 1975

1975:    MAYAGUEZ INCIDENT. US military forces initiate combat actions to recover the SS Mayaguez and crew who had been seized by Khmer communist forces. This […]