May 17, 1919

  1919:  The Director of the Air Service orders the use of the national star insignia on all service planes; The order is implemented in […]

May 16, 1947

1947:  Over New York, 101 B-29s “theoretically” drop bombs in SAC’s first Maximum Effort mission.            

May 15, 1963

LAST MERCURY FLIGHT. After 22-orbits around earth, Maj L. Gordon Cooper ends a 34-hour, 20-minute flight in Mercury capsule Faith 7 before landing in the […]

May 12, 1949

  1949: BERLIN AIRLIFT ENDS. The Soviet Union ends the blockade after delivery of 2,325,510 tons on 277,569 missions.

May 11, 1964

1964: Jackie Cochran becomes 1st woman to fly more than Mach 2, 1,429 MPH in an F-104G at Edwards AFB.

May 10, 1942

1942:  The carrier USS Ranger, off the African Gold Coast, launches 60 USAAF P-40s to Accra.

May 9, 1978

1978: McDonnell Douglas delivers the 5,000th F-4 Phantom built to the Air Force. This date is disputed: some sources say May 24th.

May 8, 1970

MACKAY TROPHY. An AC-119K gunship attacks a heavily defended road section in SEA. Despite losing 15 feet of the aircraft’s right wing and an aileron, […]

May 4, 1942

1942: Through 8 May, the Battle of Coral Sea featured the first naval engagement fought by aircraft, as the opposing ships made no contact.