James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle Award


The Air Force Historical Foundation’s newest honor – its James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle Award – was established to recognize a unit that has displayed bravery, determination, discipline, esprit de corps, and superior management of joint operations while accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions in multiple conflicts, and thus has made a sustained, significant contribution to Air Force history.

It is named after aviation pioneer James H. Doolittle – who served as a brigadier general, major general and lieutenant general in the  United States Army Air Forces during World War II, and earned the Medal of Honor for valor and leadership as commander of the famous Doolittle Raid.

The 55th Wing with its Commander Colonel Gavin Marks assembled at the Air force Memorial with Jonna Doolittle, President Chris Miller, and Foundation board members Nick Kehoe and Steve Gress following the award presentation.


Doolittle Award Recipients

The inaugural Doolittle Award being presented to Colonel Patrick. J. Doherty, Commander of the 4th Fighter Wing, Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina by Assistant Vice Chief of Staff Lt Gen Richard Y. Newton III.