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December 6, 1995

1995:    Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR. USAF airlifters start moving troops and equipment to Bosnia to support this NATO operation.

December 5, 2001

2001: Operation NOBLE EAGLE. The 125th Fighter Wing (Florida Air National Guard) sends its F-15s to patrol the skies over the Kennedy Space Center for […]

December 4, 1942

  1942:    Ninth Air Force sends 24 B-24s to attack ships at the Naples docks in the first US Army Air Forces air strike against […]

December 3, 1963

  1963:    President Lyndon B. Johnson designates National Air and Space Administration and other facilities at Cape Canaveral as the John F. Kennedy Space Center.

December 2, 1943

1943:    The Combined Chiefs of Staff ask the Allied Expeditionary Air Force to attack “Ski Sites” in the Pas de Calais and Cherbourg Peninsula areas. […]

November 22, 1952

1952:    MEDAL OF HONOR. Maj Charles J. Loring deliberately crashes his damaged aircraft into enemy gun emplacements; receives Medal of Honor posthumously. Citation:  

November 21, 1970

  1970:    SON TAY RAID. A special USAF and Army task force of volunteers try to rescue US servicemen from the Son Tay POW camp […]

November 20, 1962

1962:    CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. President John F. Kennedy announces the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis after the Soviets remove all IRBMs from Cuba.