December 4, 1996

1996: At Hill AFB an F-16 Fighting Falcon logs the five millionth hour of flying time for the F-16 fleet. Captain Kurt Gallegos of the […]

December 2, 1965

1965: Dr. Hugh L. Dryden, the first Deputy Administrator of the National Air and Space Administra­tion, dies at the age of 67. He was an […]

December 1,1942

1942: BEGINNING OF THE “HUMP” AIRLIFT. Air Transport Command activates its India-China Division to provide airlift support to the Chunking government and American airmen fighting […]

November 30, 1907

1907: At Hammondsport, NY, the Curtiss Motor Vehicle Company becomes the first airplane compa­ny formed in the US.

November 27, 1933

1933: The Army accepts Martin’s first production-model B-10 bomber. It was the first all-metal monoplane bomber with an internal bomb bay, retractable gear, rotating gun […]

November 26, 1968

1968: MEDAL OF HONOR. While flying a UH-1F helicopter, 1Lt James P. Fleming twice exposes his aircraft to intense hostile fire while rescuing a special […]

November 24, 1974

1974: President Gerald R. Ford and General Secretary Leonid I. Brezhnev sign the Strategic Arms Limitation accord. This agreement limited the deployment of strategic delivery […]

November 23, 1947

1947: The XC-99, the world’s largest land plane at that time, makes its first flight at San Diego.    

November 20, 1962

1962: CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. President John F. Kennedy announces the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis after the Soviets remove all IRBMs from Cuba.