May 7, 1949

  1949: Henry H. Arnold is named General of the Air Force.  He had been made a five-star general of the Army in December 1944 […]

May 6, 2006

  2006: The last operational C-141 Starlifter (Tail No. 66-0177) lands at Wright Field for donation to the National Museum of the USAF. The landing […]

May 5, 1927

1927: The Patent Office issues a patent on hinged inset trailing edge ailerons, an invention that later becomes a standard feature on aircraft.

May 4, 1968

1968: Gen Carl Spaatz (USAF retired) receives the Thomas D. White National Defense Award for 1968. The above book is published by the Air Force […]

May 3, 1973

1973: The National Aeronautic Association presents the 1972 Mackay Trophy to three Vietnam aces: Captains Richard S. “Steve” Ritchie, Charles B. DeBellevue, and Jeffery S. […]

April 30, 1917

  1917: In World War I, Maj William “Billy” Mitchell becomes the first American officer to fly over the German lines, as an observer in […]

April 29, 1970

  1970: APOLLO XI/THOMAS D. WHITE TROPHY. Neil A. Armstrong and Cols Edwin W. Aldrin and Michael Collins receive the trophy for outstanding scientific and […]

April 28, 1993

1993: SECDEF Les Aspin announces that women would be allowed to serve in combat roles. This policy change allows female pilots to fly USAF combat […]

April 27, 2007

2007: Following a 12-minute performance at Langley AFB, Va., Air Combat Command officials give F-22A Raptor demonstration the official seal of approval for future air […]

April 26, 1966

1966: Using Sidewinder missiles, an F-4C crew shoots down a MiG-21 over North Vietnam, the first to be destroyed in combat. Major Paul J. Gilmore […]