February 25, 1975

1975: Brig Gen Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to exceed the speed of sound, flies his last Air Force sor­tie in an F-4 at Edwards […]

February 24, 1967 and 1969

  (Wilbanks above, Levitow below) 1967 and 1969:      MEDAL OF HONOR. Two are awarded on this day in separate years. 1967: Capt Hilliard A. Wilbanks: […]

February 23, 1952

1952: By shooting down a MiG-15, Maj William T. Whisner, Jr., 25th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, achieves ace status.  

February 22, 1967

1967: Operation JUNCTION CITY. 23 USAF C-130s carry 700 troops from the 173d Airborne Brigade on the first parachute personnel drop in the Vietnam War. […]

February 19, 1977

1977: An asst. Secretary of Defense stops the selection process on the Advanced Tanker/Cargo Aircraft pending reassessment. After consultation with the President Sec of Defense […]

February 18, 1943

1943: The first class of 30 flight nurses graduates from the U. S. Army Air Forces School of Air Evacuation at Bowman Field, KY.

February 16-17, 1945

1945: On the Japanese-held island of Corregidor in Manila Bay, C-47s drop 2,065 paratroopers to support an American amphibious landing aimed at capturing the harbor […]

February 15, 1951

1951:  H-5 pilots of the 3rd Air Rescue Squadron fly through a blinding snowstorm and 40-knot winds to deliver blood plasma and medical supplies to […]

February 12, 1973

1973: Operation HOMECOMING/MACKAY TROPHY. After N. Vietnam releases its POWs, MAC airlift returns them to Clark. When the POWs reach America, the 375th Aeromedical Airlift […]