May 26, 1973

  1973: SKYLAB 2 launches from Kennedy Space Center on a Saturn IB with Astronauts Charles Conrad, Jr., Paul Weitz, and Dr. Joseph Kerwin aboard. […]

May 25, 1985

1985: A MAC C-141 flies the body of the Unknown Soldier of the Vietnam War from Travis AFB to Andrews AFB prior to its interment […]

May 22, 2002

  2002:    The X-45A Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), designated Blue, flies for the first time at Edwards AFB over an oval shaped track for […]

May 21, 1956

1956:    Operation REDWING (Cherokee test). Over Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, Maj David Crichlow flies the B-52 “Barbara Grace” to nearly 50,000 feet and drops […]

May 20, 1927

1927: Charles A. Lindbergh, a Captain in the Missouri National Guard’s 110th Observation Squadron, lands his Ryan Monoplane, the “Spirit of St. Louis,” in Paris […]

May 19, 1908

  1908:    Lt Thomas E. Selfridge, the first US Army officer to fly an airplane, flies the White Wing at Hammondsport. It was Dr. Alexander […]

May 18, 1980

1980:    After Mount St. Helens erupts, a C-141 from the 63 MAW at Norton AFB, CA and a C-130 from the 62 MAW at McChord […]

May 15,1948

1948: Air Materiel Command asks Boeing to develop an American aerial fueling system, the flying boom, to overcome problems with the British hose system used […]

May 14, 1973

  1973: From Kennedy Space Center, a two-stage Saturn V launches Skylab 1 into orbit, where its two Solar Array System wings fail to deploy. […]

May 13, 1976

1976:   TYPHOON OLGA. Through 1 June air rescue and recovery squadron helicop­ters save 734 flood victims.