June 18, 1965

  1965: The 1st Air Commando Squadron, 34th Tactical Group, Bien Hoa AB receives the Presidential Unit Citation. This is the first USAF unit so […]

June 17, 1993

  1993: At Minot AFB, Lt Col Patricia Fornes becomes the 740th Missile Squadron commander. She is the first woman to command a combat missile […]

June 16, 1936

1936: Seversky Aircraft Company receives a contract to build P-35s for the Army. It was the Army’s first single-seat fighter with a closed cockpit and […]

June 15, 1971

1971: The first Titan III-D space booster launches from Vandenberg AFB. It is a two-stage liq­uid-fueled, core vehicle with two additional outboard strap-on thrust pods […]

June 14, 1912

1912: Corporal Vernon L. Burge becomes the Army’s first enlisted pilot after training in the Army’s Air School, Philippines.

June 10, 1967

  1967: Project TURNKEY. The USAF completes a $52 million airbase at Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, in one year. It was the first base to be […]

June 9, 1989

1989: MAC units fly four tons of medical supplies to aid the victims of a rail disaster at Ufa on the Trans-Siberian Railroad about 750 […]

June 7, 1944

  1944: Operation OVERLORD. Transport aircraft drop 356 tons of supplies to Allied forces.

June 4, 1942

1942: BATTLE OF MIDWAY. The battle rages through 7 June. Three US carriers destroy four Japanese carriers, losing one. The Japanese also lose a heavy […]