June 15, 1970

1970: A C-130 flies the final Blind Bat flare mission over the Barrel Roll area of Laos, then returns to Naha AB, Japan.

June 14, 1965

1965: Carl L. Norden, inventor of the Norden bombsight, dies. His device was widely used by American bombers in WW II.

June 13, 1943

1943: Eighth Air Force loses 26 of 60 bombers in a raid on Kiel, Germany, demonstrating the need for fighter escorts.

June 12, 1918

1918: The 96th Aero Squadron carries out the first American daylight-bombing mission in World War I from Amanty Airdrome.

June 9, 1967

1967: USAF starts evacuating 1,300 military and civilian Americans from Middle East due to Arab-Israeli War.

June 8, 1953

  1953:  The Thunderbirds – officially known as the 3600th Air Demonstration Flight – give their first performance, at Luke AFB, AZ, flying the F-84G.

June 7, 1912

1912: Capt Charles DeForest Chandler becomes the first person to fire a machine gun from an airplane in the US.

June 6, 1970

(courtesy Chicago Tribune, June 7, 1970) 1970: MAC Commander Gen Jack J. Catton flies the 1st C-5 for an operational wing from Lockheed Marietta to […]

June 5, 1944

1944:  Operation OVERLORD. Through 6 June, the IX Troop Carrier Command uses 1,400 C-47s, C-53s, and gliders to drop 13,000 Allied paratroopers on Normandy.

June 2, 1995

    1995: Thru 8 June, after SAM downs his F-16, Capt Scott O’Grady evades capture for 6 days until Marine helicopters rescue him.