June 14, 1912

1912: Corporal Vernon L. Burge becomes the Army’s first enlisted pilot after training in the Army’s Air School, Philippines.

June 10, 1967

  1967: Project TURNKEY. The USAF completes a $52 million airbase at Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, in one year. It was the first base to be […]

June 9, 1989

1989: MAC units fly four tons of medical supplies to aid the victims of a rail disaster at Ufa on the Trans-Siberian Railroad about 750 […]

June 7, 1944

  1944: Operation OVERLORD. Transport aircraft drop 356 tons of supplies to Allied forces.

June 4, 1942

1942: BATTLE OF MIDWAY. The battle rages through 7 June. Three US carriers destroy four Japanese carriers, losing one. The Japanese also lose a heavy […]

June 3, 1965

1965: GEMINI IV. Through 7 June, USAF Astronauts Edward H. White II and James A. McDivitt complete a 97-hour, 58-minute space flight with two firsts: […]

June 2, 1995

1995: Through 8 June, after a surface-to-air missile strike forces him to eject from his F-16 over Bosnia, Capt Scott O’Grady evades cap­ture by hostile […]

June 1, 1934

1934: Army Air Corps airmail operations end. The official record for the brief 4-month enterprise reflects 57 crashes and 12 fatalities (the main reason for […]

May 31, 1945

1945: The last of 18,188 B-24 Liberators and Liberator variants are delivered to the USAAF. This “workhorse” was produced in larger numbers than any other […]