August 30, 2005

2005: HURRICANE KATRINA. ANG personnel achieve 600 rescues one day after Katrina makes landfall on the Gulf Coast, 100 by helicopter and 500 by pararescue […]

August 27, 1976

1976: Two groups of women pilot candidates begin flight screening at Hondo Municipal Airport, prior to entering undergraduate pilot training at Williams AFB on 19 […]

August 26, 1967

1967: MEDAL OF HONOR. After shooting down his F-100 Super Sabre, the North Vietnamese capture Maj George E. Day. For his subsequent valorous service in […]

August 25, 1952

1952: Operation HAJJI BABA. Through 29 August, 13 C-54s airlift 3,763 Muslim pilgrims stranded in Beirut, Lebanon, to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The operation helps to […]

August 24, 1989

1989: The Voyager 2 Space Probe completes its tour of the solar system by flying within 3,000 miles of Neptune.

August 23, 1954

1954: Lockheed pilots Stanley Beltz and Roy Wimmer fly the Hercules YC-130 transport on its first flight from Lockheed’s plant in Burbank to Edwards AFB. 

August 20, 1975

1975: Using a Titan III booster, NASA launches the Viking I mission to Mars from Cape Canaveral AFS. It soft lands on Mars 20 June […]

August 19, 1960

1960: Capt Harold E. Mitchell pilots a Fairchild C-119 to make the first aerial retrieval of an orbited capsule. Discoverer XIV, which had launched on […]

August 18, 1978

    1978: At McConnell AFB, A1C Tina M. Ponzer (381st SMW) becomes SAC’s first enlisted female to perform Titan II alert duty. (on the […]

August 16, 1943

1943: The Air Transport Command  uses a C-87 Liberator (converted B-24) to carry Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt on a tour of the Pacific theater to boost […]