July 19, 1941

1941: Capt Benjamin O. Davis reports to the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama with 12 black aviation cadets to begin flight training.

July 16, 1940

1940: Bombardier training at Air Corps schools begins at Lowry Field with the first class of bombardier instructors.

July 15, 1973

1973: LAST SEA COMBAT MISSION/VIETNAM SUMMARY. All US bombing in Cambodia ends after eight years of conventional operations. An A-7D from the 354th TFW flies […]

July 14, 1943

1943: Comiso Airfield is the first airfield recaptured in Sicily, by LT Gen Omar Bradley’s II Corps. Afterwards a German JU-88 lands amid US flak […]

July 13, 1921

1921: Brig Gen William “Billy” Mitchell’s Martin MB-2 and Handley Page bombers test the sinking of several ships off the Virginia Capes. The tests study […]

July 12, 1957

  1957: USAF cancels the Navaho program. The Navaho provided technologies for other mis­siles: the Atlas and Thor used a modified Navaho booster, and the […]

July 8, 1944

1944: Lt Col Clifford Heflin flies his C-47 on the first landing mission into France to rescue airmen who had parachuted behind enemy lines.

Jul 7, 1942

  1942:          Flying a Lockheed A-29 Hudson, Lt Harry J. Kane and crew of the 396th BMS attack and sink a German submarine (U-701) […]

July 6, 1989

1989: President George H. W. Bush presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civi­lian award, to Gen James H. Doolittle (retired) at the […]

July 5, 1944

  1944: Harry Crosby, company pilot, flies the Northrop MX-324, the first US rocket-powered aircraft, for the first time at Harper Dry Lake, CA.