November 28, 2001

2001:    Operation SWIFT FREEDOM. C-17s land in Afghanistan on an airstrip about 80 miles south of Kandahar to deliver Navy Seabees.

November 27, 1972

1972:    The US Geological Survey completes a map of Mars–the first detailed map of another planet–from 1,500 of 7,000 photos taken by Mariner IX, which […]

November 24, 1969

1969: Arnold Engineering and Development Center completes testing on the General Electric TF39 turbofan engine, destined for the C-5 Galaxy.

November 22, 1952

1952:    MEDAL OF HONOR. Maj Charles J. Loring deliberately crashes his damaged aircraft into enemy gun emplacements. receives Medal of Honor posthumously. Citation:

November 21, 1994

1994:    Project SAPPHIRE. Thru 23 Nov, three C-5s from the 436 AW carry 1,300 pounds of highly enriched uranium from Kazakhstan to Dover AFB to […]

November 17, 1964

1964:    MACKAY TROPHY/DRAGON ROUGE RESCUE MISSION. Pope C-130 crews receive trophy for airlift and extraction, freeing hostages in the Congo.

November 16, 2017

2006:    AFSOC receives its first CV-22 at Hurlburt Field. US SOC commander Gen Doug Brown conducts the arrival ceremony.

November 15, 1942

1942:    The first women enter US AAF flight training at the Houston Municipal Airport; the unit is designated the 319th Army Air Force Flying Training […]

November 14, 1966

1966:    The first jet landing on Antarctica takes place, a MAC C-141 with Capt Howard Geddes at the controls.

November 13, 1961

  1961:    At Malmstrom AFB, a Site Activation Task Force accepts the first Minuteman I (Model A) operational silo.