December 19, 1945

1945: President Truman urges establishment of the Department of Defense with an air arm equal to the Army and Navy.

1972:    Operation LINEBACKER II: President Nixon orders this 11-day all-out bombing campaign against targets in Hanoi and Haiphong, one of the most heavily defended areas […]

December 17, 1903

1903:    Orville Wright makes the first sustained, controlled power airplane flight in the Kill Devil Hills, near Kitty Hawk. In the fourth, and longest flight […]

December 16, 1992

1992:    MACKAY TROPHY. At night, a B-52 from the 668th Bomb Squadron (Griffiss AFB) loses two engines when one explodes and damages another. Two other […]

December 13, 2001

2001:    President George W. Bush informs Russia that the US would withdraw from the 1972 ABM Treaty to develop and implement a missile defense system.

December 12, 1944

  1944:    MEDAL OF HONOR: Maj Richard I. Bong, with 38 aerial victories, receives the medal from General MacArthur in ceremonies in the Philippines. Citation: […]

December 11, 1956

  1956:    Operation SAFE HAVEN. After a revolt against Soviet rule in Hungary expelled Russian occupation forces, the Soviets send in reinforcements to restore order. […]

December 10, 1963

1963:    SECDEF Robert S. McNamara cancels the X-20A Dyna-Soar Program and places the near-earth Manned Orbiting Laboratory project under USAF direction.

December 9, 1998

  1998:    President William J. Clinton presents a fourth star to Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., the first black USAF general and the leader of […]

December 6, 1995

1995:    Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR. USAF airlifters start moving troops and equipment to Bosnia to support this NATO operation.