November 1, 1964

  1964:    Viet Cong attack Bien Hoa AB with mortars, killing 4 and wounding 30 Americans; they also destroy 7 aircraft and damage 18.

October 4, 1909

    1909:    Wilbur Wright flies from Governor’s Island out past the Statue of Liberty, up the Hudson to Grant’s Tomb, and back to the […]

October 3, 1993

1993:    PJ TSgt Timothy A. Wilkinson receives the Air Force Cross for saving five wounded Army Rangers after enemy forces shoot down their helicopter at […]

October 2, 1918

    1918:    The Army’s pilotless aircraft, the Kettering “Bug,” with preset controls, begins flights at Dayton. It is called a guided missile in later […]

October 1, 1965

  1965:    When the USAF Aeronautical Station inactivates at Yokota, a 30-year era of Morse code in the USAF comes to an end. Begun in […]

September 30, 1949

  1949:   Operation VITTLES. The last flight took place to end the Berlin Airlift. Results show 2,343,301.5 tons of supplies carried on 277,262 Allied flights. […]

September 27, 1991

1991:       President George H. W. Bush terminates SAC’s alert force operation, which started in October 1957. This action heralds an end to the Cold War.

September 25, 2019

2007:    FIRST MQ-9 REAPER MISSION. The MQ-9 Reaper flies its first operational mission in Afghanistan for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. (2009 photo)

September 24, 1929

1929:    Lt James H. Doolittle makes the first all-blind flight at Mitchel Field. Although a check pilot accompanies him, Doolittle takes off in a Consolidated […]