March 26, 1999

  1999: Operation ALLIED FORCE. An F-15 shoots down two MiG-29s in aerial combat over Yugoslavia on the third day of the operation.

March 25, 1945

1944: Fifteenth Air Force makes its first operational delivery of a VB-1 Azon radio-controlled bomb against the Avisio Viaduct, attempting  to cut the Brenner Pass […]

March 24, 1945

  1945: Operation VARSITY. An Allied airborne and amphibious assault crosses the Rhine River. More than 2,000 transports and gliders from the IX Troop Carrier […]

March 23, 1951

  1951: Operation TOMAHAWK. In the Korean War’s second airborne operation, and the largest to date in one day, 120 USAF transports drop more than […]

March 20, 2006

2006: The C-17 Globemaster III fleet surpasses its millionth flight hour during a mission to evacuate injured US troops from Iraq to Germany.

March 19, 2003

  2003: Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. c. 9:30 p. m. EST, US forces begin the air war against Iraq with Tomahawk cruise missile strikes.

March 18, 1942

  1942: The US and Panama sign an agreement for defense sites and air bases in Panama to defend the canal.

March 17, 1961

  1961: Northrop delivers the first T-38 Talon supersonic jet trainer to Air Training Command at Randolph AFB.

March 16, 1944

  (X-1A #46-062) 1944: The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) recommends development of a jet-propelled transonic research aircraft. This suggestion leads to the Bell […]

February 28, 1968

  1968: Det 1, 37th Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron at Nakhon Phanom RTAFB picks up the 1,000th downed airman to be rescued since the […]