May 10, 1972

  1972:    LINEBACKER I: 8th Tactical Fighter Wing F-4s drop precision-guided munitions on the Paul Doumer Bridge in Hanoi, finally closing it to traffic.

May 9, 1961

  1961:    The 379th Bomb Wing at Wurtsmith AFB, MI receives SAC’s first B-52H (number 60-0001, shown here later at Barksdale AFB). It was known […]

May 8, 1970

  1970:    MACKAY TROPHY. An AC-119K gunship attacks a heavily defended road section in SEA. Despite losing 15 feet of the aircraft’s right wing and […]

May 7, 1945

  1945:    The German High Command surrenders unconditionally at Reims, effective 9 May. Air Transport Command begins Projects Green and White, for personnel and aircraft, […]

May 6, 2006

2006:   The last operational C-141 Starlifter (Tail No. 66-0177) lands at Wright Field for donation to the National Museum of the USAF. The landing ends […]

May 3, 1943

  1943:    Lt Gen Frank M. Andrews, Commanding General, European Theater of Operations, US Army, dies in an air crash in Iceland.

May 2, 1965

  1965:    The Early Bird satellite goes into operation as a public communications facility by shuttling TV programs across the North Atlantic.

April 30, 1917

  1917:    In World War I, Maj William “Billy” Mitchell becomes the first American officer to fly over the German lines, as an observer in […]

April 29, 1975

Operation FREQUENT WIND. Through 30 April, USAF, Marine, and Navy helicopters airlift 6,000-plus people in the final evacuation of Saigon. This was the first major […]

April 26, 1967

  1966:    F-4C crew Major Paul Gilmore and 1Lt William Smith shoot down a MiG-21 over North Vietnam, the first to be destroyed in combat.