February 27, 1990

1990: The combined Lockheed and USAF F-117A Stealth Fighter design team receives the Robert J. Collier Trophy for 1989.

February 26, 1949

  1949: MACKAY TROPHY. Through 2 March, from Carswell AFB Capt James Gallagher and crew fly the 43rd Bomb Group’s B-50 Lucky Lady II (No. […]

February 25, 1975

1975: Brig Gen Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to exceed the speed of sound, flies his last Air Force sor­tie in an F-4 at Edwards […]

Vietnam Medals of Honor

(Wilbanks above, Levitow below) 1967 and 1969:      MEDAL OF HONOR. Two are awarded on this day in separate years. 1967: Capt Hilliard A. Wilbanks: http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/3443/wilbanks-hilliard-a.php […]

February 21, 1945

  1945: P-47 Thunderbolts attack the Berchtesgaden railway station for the first time, however, the fighters do not attack Hitler’s nearby Eagle’s Nest retreat.

February 20, 1944

  1944: Thru 25 Feb, 8AF and 15AF begin the “Big Week”of air raids on German aircraft production to reduce the Luftwaffe threat. Fighter escorts […]

February 19, 1936

1936: Brig Gen William “Billy” Mitchell dies at Doctor’s Hospital, New York City. He is later buried in Milwaukee.

February 18, 1918

1918: The “Lafayette Escadrille” transfers to American forces as the 103d Pursuit Squadron and begins operations on the front under tactical control of the French. […]

February 14, 1996

1996:    Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR. A Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System E-8A flew its 50th mission in support of Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR, surpassing the […]