September 23, 1994

  2004:    Operation PROVIDE HOPE. A C-17 from McChord AFB delivers medicines and medical supplies worth $15 million to Bishkek IAP in the Kyrgyz Republic. […]

September 20, 1957

  1957:    USAF Chief of Staff General Thomas D. White announces that radar units could detect ICBMs at 3,000 miles.

September 18, 1947

  1947:    Aboard the VC-54C “Sacred Cow,” which becomes Air Force-1, President Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947 separating the USAF from the […]

September 17, 1944

1944:    Operation MARKET GARDEN. 1,546 allied planes and 478 gliders carry 35,000 troops for an airborne assault between Eindhoven and Arnhem in Holland to secure […]

September 16, 2005

  2005:    Travis AFB places the restored C-141A Starlifter (tail number 63-8088), nicknamed the Golden Bear, on permanent static display. It was the USAF’s first […]

September 13, 1943

1943:    The 52nd Troop Carrier Wing uses 80+ troop transports to drop 1,200 paratroopers on Italy’s Salerno Beach, with no losses of planes or men. […]

September 12, 1918

1918:    Thru 15 Sep Colonel William “Billy” Mitchell leads 1,481 planes in the St. Mihiel offensive, the greatest air battle of World War I.  

September 11, 2001

    2001: President George W. Bush initiates a war on terrorism and homeland-defense efforts with combat air patrols within the US under operations NOBLE […]

September 10, 1942

  1942:    The Secretary of War forms the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron, under the leadership of Nancy Harkness Love. In October, female pilots begin ferrying […]