April 25, 1967

  1967:    Maj Gen Benjamin D. Foulois dies at Andrews AFB at the age of 87. He was the first person to fly an Army […]

April 24, 1980

  1980:    Operation EAGLE CLAW. The attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran fails. A Navy RH-53 hovers into an Air Force EC-130 in a […]

April 23, 1991

  1991:    Secretary of the Air Force Donald B. Rice announces the winner of the Advanced Tactical Fighter competition. He selects the Lockheed/Boeing/General Dynamics F-22 […]

April 22, 1981

  1981:    The 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, an A-10 Wing at RAF Bentwaters, UK,  sets a USAF record by generating 533 sorties in a single […]

April 19, 1943

1995:    OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING. A powerful car bomb levels a federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 169 and wounding 400 people. USAF airlifts firefighters, search […]

April 18, 1942

1942:    From the carrier USS Hornet, located 668 miles off Tokyo, Lt Col James H. Doolittle leads 16 B-25s in the first raid on Japan. […]

April 17, 1998

  1998:    The 20th Special Operations Squadron at Hurlburt Field, FL receives the Air Force’s first production-modified MH-53J Pave Low III helicopter from Lockheed […]

April 16, 1949

  1949:    BERLIN AIRLIFT’S BIGGEST DAY. Military aircraft deliver a record 12,940 tons of supplies to Berlin in 1,398 flights within 24 hours.

April 15, 1941

  1941:    Igor Sikorsky flies a Vought-Sikorsky in the first officially recorded rotor helicopter flight in the western hemisphere, flying for 1 hour 5 minutes […]

April 12, 1981

  1981: SPACE SHUTTLE’S MAIDEN VOYAGE. The Space Shuttle Columbia launches on the first flight of a reusable spacecraft.