April 11, 1944 and 1966

1944: MEDAL OF HONOR. Lt Edward Michael receives medal for saving himself, crew member, and B-17 with successful crash landing. Citation: http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/2890/michael-edward-s.php 1966: MEDAL OF […]

April 10, 1967

  1967: Operation POKER DICE. SAC beds down B-52s at U-Tapao with the first 3 aircraft arriving during the day. Later in the day they […]

April 9, 1974

  1974: Between 9 April and 11 May, USAF conducts the flyoff between the A-10 and A-7.

April 8, 1942

  1942: Using aircraft acquired from Pan American Airlines, the Army begins the largest airlift in World War II. Two DC-3s airlift gasoline and lubricating […]

April 5, 1943

1 943:     Operation FLAX. North West African Air Force attacks Axis air transport service between Italy via Sicily to Tunisia; 201 enemy aircraft are destroyed.

April 4, 1975

1975:     Operation BABYLIFT: A MAC C-5 crashes in an emergency landing near Saigon while flying the op’s 1st mission; 138 die and 176 survive […]

April 3, 1996

  1996:     A 76th Airlift Squadron CT-43 transport crashes near Dubrovnik, Croatia killing 35, including Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown. Brown was on an economic development […]

April 2, 1915

  1915:     President Wilson appoints the first members to the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). In 1958, NACA becomes NASA.  

April 1, 1952

1952:     KOREAN WAR. Fifth Air Force Sabre pilots destroy ten MiGs while losing one F-86. In the battle, Col Francis S. Gabreski, the 51st Fighter-Interceptor […]

March 29, 2003

  2003: Operation Noble Eagle. By this date in the Global War on Terrorism, the Air National Guard had flown 72 % of fighter sorties, […]