January 16, 1991

  1991:    Operation Secret Squirrel. The 2d Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB sends B-52Gs at 0636 local time to Iraq; they launch 35 cruise missiles […]

January 14, 1943

    1943:    The Casablanca Conference opens. Plans for a combined bomber offensive against Germany are established. Lt Gen Ira C. Eaker promotes a daylight-bombing […]

January 13, 1993

1993:    FIRST US MILITARY WOMAN IN SPACE. Maj Susan Helms becomes the first US military woman in space during a flight of the Space Shuttle […]

January 18, 1994

1994:    An HH-60G Pave Hawk from 56th Rescue Squadron at Keflavik, Iceland rescues six sailors off the coast; receives the 1994 Mackay trophy.

January 9, 1793

1793:    Jean Pierre Blanchard makes the first manned balloon flight in America with a 46-minute trip between the Wall Street Prison in Philadelphia PA, to […]

January 8, 1973

1973:    LAST AERIAL VICTORY. In their F-4D Phantom 65-0796, Capt Paul D. Howman and 1Lt Lawrence W. Kullman shoot down a MiG southwest of Hanoi […]

1968:    The National Air and Space Administration’s Surveyor VII, the last spacecraft in the program to analyze the lunar surface, launches from the Eastern Test […]

January 6, 1977

  1977:    The Department of Defense places the Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) program into full-scale development and sets up a joint cruise missile project […]

January 3, 1945

  1945:    BATTLE OF THE BULGE: American and British forces counterattack the Germans under the protection of Allied airpower.