March 28, 1961

1961: President John F. Kennedy asks Congress to: (1) put 50 percent of SAC’s bombers on ground alert; (2) speed up the B-47 phaseout; (3) […]

March 27, 1945

  1945: Gen Carl Spaatz sends Eighth Air Force bombers and P-51 escorts against Berlin to destroy the Luftwaffe. General Galland of the Luftwaffe later […]

March 26, 1999

  1999: Operation ALLIED FORCE. An F-15 shoots down two MiG-29s in aerial combat over Yugoslavia on the third day of the operation.

March 25, 1975

    1975: USAF organizes an airlift to evacuate 10,000 people a day from Da Nang, South Vietnam. Communist forces had surrounded and completely cut […]

March 21, 1965

  1965: The Ranger IX lunar probe mission launches; it impacts within 4 miles of moon target area on 24 March. En route it sends […]

March 20, 2006

  The C-17 Globemaster III fleet surpasses its millionth flight hour during a mission to evacuate injured US troops from Iraq to Germany. Colonel William […]

March 19, 1910

    1910: Orville Wright opens the Wright Flying School at Montgomery, AL. This site becomes Maxwell AFB.

March 18, 1945

  1945: After Germans shoot down Maj Pierce W. McKennon near Berlin, his wingman Lt George D. Green lands near him, dumps out his dingy […]

March 15, 1983

  1983: Thru 28 Mar SAC successfully demonstrates sea interdiction capability with three AGM-84 Harpoon missile launches from a B-52.