January 24, 1951

1951:    KOREAN WAR/OPERATION THUNDERBOLT. Generals Earl E. Partridge  and Matthew B. Ridgway reconnoiter the front lines in a T-6 prior to their 25 January dawn […]

January 23, 2002

2002:    A KC-10 arrives at Dulles with John Walker Lindh, a 20-year-old American accused of joining Al Qaeda and fighting in Afghanistan against US forces. […]

January 22, 1991

  1991:    DESERT STORM: F-111F Aardvarks initiate “smart bomb” attacks against hardened aircraft shelters at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq. The attacks are so successful […]

January 21, 1968

1968:    SIEGE OF KHE SANH. 35,000 Communist forces begin an extended siege of two Marine infantry battalions and an artillery battalion at Khe Sanh, Vietnam. […]

January 18, 1981

1981:   IRANIAN HOSTAGE RELEASE. Iran releases 52 American hostages held in the American Embassy in Tehran after 444 days. They are flown on an Air […]

January 17, 1991

1991:   War begins in the Persian Gulf. Operation Desert Shield becomes Operation Desert Storm. More than 1,200 combat sorties are flown, and 106 cruise missiles […]

January 16, 1991

1991:   Operation Secret Squirrel. The 2d Bomb Wing at Barksdale sends B-52Gs at 0636 local time to Iraq; they launch 35 cruise missiles on 17 […]

January 14, 1943

1 1943:   The Casablanca Conference opens. Plans for a combined bomber offensive against Germany are established. Lt Gen Ira C. Eaker promotes a daylight-bombing offensive […]

January 11, 1944

1944:    MEDAL OF HONOR. For valorous service this date, Lt Col James H. Howard receives the medal. Citation: http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/2795/howard-james-h.php