November 9, 1967

1967:   MEDAL OF HONOR. For valorous service this date HH-3 pilot Capt Gerald O. Young receives the Medal.  Citation: MEDAL OF HONOR. For valorous […]

November 8, 1942

1942:   MEDAL OF HONOR. Col Demas T. Craw and Maj Pierpont M. Hamilton receive the Medal for valorous service in the invasion of Africa. Craw […]

November 7, 1918

1918:   Dr. Robert H. Goddard demonstrates tube-launched solid-propellant rockets; this device evolves into the anti-tank bazooka of WW II.

November 6, 1912

1909:   The French government awards Orville and Wilbur Wright the Legion of Honor at its New York consulate.

November 5, 1912

1912:   Through 13 November, the Army uses aircraft to make artillery adjustments for the first time at Fort Riley, Kansas. In this demonstration, Capt Frederick […]

November 2, 2001

    2001:   A 20th Special Operations Squadron MH-53 helicopter crew receives the Mackay trophy for rescuing the crew of a 2nd MH-53 that had […]

November 1, 1952

1952:   The US Atomic Energy Commission explodes the first hydrogen bomb in the Pacific. The test was code named “Mike.”

October 31, 1968

1968:    In a speech to the nation, President Johnson announces his decision to halt bombing of North Vietnam and that he would not run […]

October 30, 1918

1918:   Known as the US “Ace of Aces” for that conflict, Capt Edward V. Rickenbacker shoots down his 26th and final enemy aircraft of World […]

October 29, 2004

2004:   NASA’s KC-135A aerospace vehicle trainer, the “Vomit Comet,” flies its final sortie. NASA used the “Comet” at Edwards AFB to provide zero gravity training […]