November 28, 2001

  2001:   Operation SWIFT FREEDOM. C-17s land in Afghanistan on an airstrip about 80 miles south of Kandahar to deliver Navy Seabees.

December 11, 1941

  1941:   Germany and Italy declare war on the United States; Congress responds in kind with a similar declarations against them.

November 27, 1933

1933:   The Army accepts Martin’s first production-model B-10 bomber. It was the first all-metal monoplane bomber with an internal bomb bay, retractable gear, rotating gun […]

November 26, 1968

  1968:   MEDAL OF HONOR. While flying a UH-1F helicopter, 1Lt James P. Fleming twice exposes his aircraft to intense hostile fire while rescuing a […]

November 23, 1983

1983:   The West German Parliament approves Ground Launch Cruise Missile and Pershing II missile deployments in West Germany.

November 21, 1970

  1970:   SON TAY RAID. A special USAF and Army task force of volunteers tries to rescue US servicemen from the Son Tay POW camp […]

November 20, 1962

1962:   CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. President John F. Kennedy announces the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis after the Soviets remove all IRBMs from Cuba.

Nomber 19, 2007

  2007:   WAR ON TERROR. Air Mobility Command passes a major milestone when one of its aircraft flies the command’s one millionth sortie since 11 […]

November 16, 2006

    2006:   AFSOC receives its first CV-22 at Hurlburt Field. US SOC commander Gen Doug Brown, USA conducts the arrival ceremony.