September 7, 1918

1918:   Several planes carry 18 troops from Chanute Field to Champaign, IL to make 1st demonstration of troop transport by air in US.

September 6, 1985

1985:   Exercise BRAVE DEFENDER. Thru 14 September, the British hold their first off-post national ground defense exercise, with the United States Air Forces in Europe […]

September 5, 1923

1923:   Army bombing tests off Cape Hatteras, NC sink the condemned naval vessels USS New Jersey and USS Virginia, showing vulnerability of naval ships to […]

September 4, 1922

1922:   Lt James H. Doolittle completes the 1st transcontinental flight in one day in a rebuilt DH-4B with Liberty 400 HP engines, 2,163 miles in […]

September 3, 1996

1996:   The 11th Reconnaissance Squadron at Nellis AFB, Nevada begins operating the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle above Bosnia-Herzegovina.

August 31, 1955

1955:   The first Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker the “City of Renton” flies its maiden flight.

August 30, 2005

2005:   HURRICANE KATRINA. Air National Guard personnel log 600 rescues in one day after Hurricane Katrina makes landfall on the Gulf Coast.

August 29, 1952

1952:   KOREAN WAR SORTIE RECORD. Far East Air Forces fighter-bombers set a new 24-hour record by sending 854 Fifth Air Force sorties against Pyongyang, N. […]

August 28, 1942

1942:   The War Department directs the Air Transport Command to provide aircraft and equipment to evacuate sick and wounded American servicemen and women throughout the […]

August 27, 1941

  1941: William R. Dunn, flying with RAF 71 Squadron (Eagle Squadron ), shoots down his fifth enemy plane to become the first American “Ace” […]