March 14, 2019

  2003: The Air Force Flight Test Center  accelerates dual-door separation testing of the F-117A; results are sent immediately to the AOR and are employed […]

March 13, 2019

  1958: The USAF Ballistic Missile Committee picks Lowry AFB, CO to become the first Titan I base.

March 12, 1998

      1998: NASA’s B-52 drops the X-38 atmospheric test vehicle from 23,000 feet on its first test. The vehicle deploys its parafoil parachute […]

March 11, 1912

  1912: Lt Frank P. Lahm opens an Army Air School at Fort William McKinley, Philippines, with two volunteer students, Lt Moss L. Love and […]

March 8, 2007

  2007: The Air Force marks its 50th consecutive successful launch with an Atlas V loaded with six experimental satellites.

March 7, 1924

  1924: Lt Eugene Hoy Barksdale and his navigator, Lt Bradley Jones, fly a DH-4B, powered by a 400 horsepower Liberty engine, from McCook Field, […]

March 6, 1942

1942: The US Army Air School at Tuskegee, AL for black aviators graduates its first class. The five military pilots include Capt Benjamin O. Davis.

March 5, 1944

  1944: Operation THURSDAY. Through 11 March, allied aircraft and gliders airlift Brig Gen Orde C. Wingate’s Special Force (Chindits) with 9,000 personnel and 1,400 […]

March 4, 2002

  2002: Operation Anaconda/Medal of Honor.  For valorous service this date, air combat controller TSgt John A. Chapman is awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously […]

March 1, 1991

  1991: Thru 30 June, C-5s and C-141s move fire-fighting men and equipment to Kuwait to battle more than 500 burning oil wells set by […]