August 23, 1954

1954:   Lockheed pilots Stanley Beltz and Roy Wimmer fly the YC-130 t Hercules transport on its first flight.

August 22, 1990

1990:   President George H. W. Bush calls-up 200,000 ANG and AFRES personnel for Operation DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. Some 15,300 reservists, roughly 22 percent […]

August 21, 1923

1923:   The first airways lighting occurs when 18- and 36-inch electric arc beacons are used to light 42 landing fields between Chicago and Cheyenne. They […]

August 20, 1953

1953:   Dr. Werner von Braun and his team join US Army personnel at Cape Canaveral in firing the first Redstone (Redstone No. 1). It was […]

August 17, 1943

1943:   8AF sends over 300 B-17s on raid of Schweinfurt and Regensburg, losing 60; leadership re-evaluates need for fighter escort.

August 16, 1960

1960:   Capt Joseph W. Kittinger Jr. jumps from 102,800 feet over New Mexico; he reaches speeds over 600 mph during 13:08 minute descent.

August 15, 1945

1945:   VICTORY DAY–JAPAN. The Japanese government announces its intention to surrender “unconditionally.”

August 13, 1953

1953:   The XC-99, the world’s largest plane to date, makes its first transatlantic flight from Kelly AFB to Frankfurt, Germany, with 60,000 pounds of cargo. […]